Drumroll, please. The Sunpro Referral App is unveiling an entirely new feature to make it easier than ever to earn from your referrals: your own personal website.

As a user of the Referral App, you’ll now have your own custom webpage to manage your own referral network.

Keep reading for all the ins and out of the new feature. We think you’re going to like what this means for your referral earnings.

Inside the New Feature

Users agree, it really pays to use the Referral App. Earning is easy. Growing your network is a snap. Sharing is simple. How could it get better?

The personal website behind the brand new feature just makes the Sunpro Referral App even more rewarding. The latest update to the app gives you full access to your own unique referral website.

sunpro referral app new feature

All you have to do is share the link to your personal website with your friends, family or anyone else in your network. When they fill out the form on the site, their contact information is added directly into your app network.

It’s easy to share your custom page with your followers on social media. We’ve taken the legwork out of making a post. The Sunpro Referral App automatically uploads an eye-catching image that you can personalize with your own message. The post links directly to your website so your network will know exactly where to go and what to do.

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How to Share Your Link

The great thing about the Sunpro Referral App is the sheer abundance of opportunities to earn extra cash. Our users will tell you that it’s endless. Now, the newly added personal website feature is something you’ll undoubtedly want to add to your arsenal of referral techniques.

Facebook, Instagram, online groups and other communities are all at your disposal to spread the word about going solar with Sunpro or getting a new roof through Buildpro. If you are in one of the states we serve, your personal website will be a great hub for managing your network.

Share in a few steps.
  1. Open your App   
  2. Go to ‘Add a Referral’ 
  3. Share using the bottom links

When you share your post, ask your friends to send you a private message for more information. During your conversation with your friend, you can simply drop a link to your personal webpage where they can click and join your network. The beautiful thing is that anyone can do it — and you don’t need to already have solar in order to refer and earn.

A Little About the Referral App

If you haven’t heard about the Sunpro Referral App, it’s time we got acquainted. The Sunpro Solar Referral App is a unique solar referrals-sharing app that makes it easy to get extra cash just by adding qualified friends.

Sunpro referral app

It’s a tool that rewards you when the homeowners you know go from interested to invested in solar with Sunpro. Better yet, it’s free, simple and easy to make extra money year-round — no solar panels or sales experience necessary.

Earn $1000 when your referral goes solar with Sunpro. Earn $500 if they get a new roof. Or, earn $1500 when your referral does both! And there’s no limit to your earnings which means you could end up with thousands of extra dollars just from a solid network of qualified referrals.

That’s right, and you don’t need to explain the the science or incentives behind going solar. You just refer your friends and family and one of our solar specialists will explain all of the details during their appointment.

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Earn Quick Cash Easy

If you know someone else who wants to get paid for referrals, simply share your invite link with them. Easy cash can be yours just as simple as that. That’s because of the clever way your network rewards you.

The Quick $20 feature in the app is one of our favorite ways to earn extra money. The app makes it easy to share links with family, friends and followers via text message, email, Facebook or Twitter. You’ll get $20 when they download and submit a qualified referral.

Even better, you’ll receive $35 when you submit a qualified referral and they schedule their first appointment.

Add to Your Network

As your network grows, so does your potential for more earnings. But it gets better. There’s no limit to how many people you can refer or add to your network.

sunpro referral app screen

Whether making a switch to solar energy or installing a new roof or both, your network is presented with some pretty good options that mean serious earning potential for you. Find out what they need and add them. Just open the app on your phone or device with internet access, select the solr or roof product they need, add their contact information and then click “Submit” to add them to your referral network.

Using the Referral App, you’ll be able to track the appointments in your referral network and the amount you’re earning from each qualified referral. In your list of active referrals, you’ll be able to see their name and status as well as your total potential earnings.

Unlimited Referral Earnings

Every new qualified referral can earn you money. That’s right, there’s no cap to what you can earn with your solar referrals. But your earnings aren’t exclusive to solar. The earnings apply to each referral who goes solar with Sunpro or gets a new roof with Buildpro. Overall, new qualified referrals can earn you up to $1,535, each! You’ll receive $1,000 when they go solar, and then an extra $500 if they get a new roof, too.

So when more of your referrals purchase a home solar system or purchase a new roof, the more potential you have to make thousands in referral earnings! Sunpro has already paid out more than $4 million to Referral App users since 2018, and that’s just the start.

Where to Download the Referral App

Download the Sunpro Solar Referral App from iTunes or Google Play Store and start getting paid for referrals. It’s just that easy!

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