Nine New Georgia Solar Farms are Being Built

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People who have been following the Georgia solar industry recently have probably noticed that more and more people are making the switch to green, clean, solar energy. The fact that it’s growing in popularity amongst homeowners is fantastic. But just as amazing is the fact that big utility companies are getting more and more interested as well.

In fact, Duke Energy Renewables, a subsidiary of Duke Energy, has been seriously stepping up it’s renewable energy game in Georgia. They’ve been working to build or acquire multiple Georgia solar projects to help them provide cleaner, greener energy to their customers. In fact, Duke Energy just completed the project with their final acquisition.

Altogether, these Georgia solar projects are expected to contribute over $11 million in leasing and taxes to their local communities. The electricity generated from these projects will be sold to Georgia Power in 30 to 35 year Power Purchase Agreements. This clean Georgia solar power can then be used to help power homes, rather than using electricity generated from pollution-causing fossil fuels.

There are nine solar power projects that are located in several different counties.

  • Apalachicola in Richmond Count
  • Arnold Cochran in Bleckley County
  • Coody Cochran in Bleckley County
  • Columbia Substation in Columbia County
  • Shawnee in Burke County
  • Fountain Folston in Charlton County
  • Harris Shiloh in Harris County
  • Polk Cedartown in Polk County
  • Westberry Jesup in Wayne County

Together, these Georgia solar farms will generate 20 MW of electricity, which is enough to power roughly 20,000 homes.

Georgia is becoming brighter and cleaner every day, thanks to the efforts of both homeowners and utilities like Duke Energy. With solar panels, you can save money, and help keep the environment healthy and green. And ADT Solar is here to help. We offer turnkey solutions to help you go solar without any stress. Contact us today to learn more about switching to solar!

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