How Enphase is Changing the Game for Solar Power

enphase solar power

The future of solar technology is finally here. When you have solar panels installed on your home, you’ll get access to boundless solar energy during the day. Not to mention you’ll also be reducing your carbon footprint. But what happens when the sun goes down? And during power outages?

Enter the next generation of solar power: Enphase Energy System featuring intelligent IQ technology. This groundbreaking solar technology puts the power of the sun right in your hands. You control your home’s access to clean solar energy, 24/7 — not your utility company.

Let’s find out more about this revolutionary solar technology and why you need it.

  1. Why power outages happen and why it’s becoming a bigger problem.
  2. What happens with solar panels during a power outage.
  3. How the new Enphase IQ8 solar technology is changing the game.
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The Problem: Power Outages

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Power outages across the nation are on the rise in the last ten years, and it’s starting to take a toll on homeowners. Here’s some of the reasons why power outages happen.

Weather-related outages

Lightning is a major cause of power outages for areas that are prone to storms. Other weather related outages are due to strong winds, heavy rain, snow or ice. Power outages can even happen due to car accidents or animals such as squirrels climbing the lines.

Natural disasters

If you live in an area where fires, hurricanes or other natural disasters are more common, you know the damage that is caused by being out of power for days, weeks or months. And in recent years, events that lead to blackouts have been on the rise, especially in the U.S.

Strained power grid

Due to an increasingly overworked power grid, utility companies are now starting to implement routine outages, or down-time, so the grid doesn’t fail during peak energy usage hours. This is also becoming a common occurrence during the peak of summer and winter months when everyone is using the most electricity for heating and cooling.

Learn more about power outages: Solar panels and power outages: what you need to know.

The power grid will become increasingly stressed in the future. Just take the events of Texas and California for example. This means more outages, even without natural disasters or peak usage. Homeowners have started looking for alternative home energy solutions to avoid an unstable energy future. Which led to a massive growth in solar energy in the past ten years.

The Solution: Solar Power

Solar power offers a solution to power outages, as well as high energy bills, rising electricity costs and unstable power grid infrastructure.

However, even with solar panels on your home, you’ll still be grid tied. This means your solar system is wired into your electric company’s grid, giving you the potential to take advantage of net metering (selling your excess solar energy). When the power goes out due to a natural disaster, routine maintenance, or an overworked grid, your panels will also stop producing energy from the sun. This is for the safety of linemen and first responders. So, how do you keep your lights on even when the unreliable grid goes down?

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The Game Changer: Enphase IQ8 Technology

The Enphase IQ8 solar technology is revolutionizing the solar game, giving you ultimate control of your system from the palm of your hand. Day and night, and even through power outages.

Enphase Energy has been in the solar game for quite awhile now by pioneering microinverter technology over 15 years ago. This technology made rooftop solar more productive, reliable, and smarter. Today, more than 1.5 million homes across 130 countries rely on 36 million Enphase microinverters—and counting—to gain access to solar energy.

Enphase IQ8 Microinverter

The new Enphase IQ Microinverter performs a seemingly impossible feat with brilliant simplicity. It transforms photons, quantum particles of light, into safe AC power you can use to power your home. This microinverter includes industry-first technology and features that make it superior to the rest. The brains of the system, now even brainier.

Sunlight Backup: an industry first

And now, with the introduction of our revolutionary Enphase IQ8 Microinverter with Sunlight Backup, for the first time, your lights, fans, and phones can stay powered even during a daytime grid outage, with or without a battery.

Seamless switching on or off grid

IQ8, the most powerful software—defined microinverter ever, is powered by a proprietary, intelligent chip that makes switching between on or off grid virtually seamless.

Technology to keep your system producing energy

With an Enphase Energy System, every solar panel is equipped with its own microinverter.  If one panel slips into the shade or experiences a rare glitch, the other panels keep generating power. Unlike traditional string inverter systems, where if one panel goes down, the whole system can go down with it.

FEMA recommended

And FEMA has specifically recommended this microinverter technology for its ability to perform better in severe weather, such as hurricanes.

Ready for today and tomorrow

Enphase Energy Systems are built on a distributed architecture platform. This modular microinverter design means you can quickly and easily expand your system as your needs grow.

A bright idea, even in low light

Energy Energy Systems use breakthrough Burst Mode™ technology to capture energy in low-light conditions, such as when there are shadows or clouds passing over the solar array.

More power to your home

In an outage, other energy systems limit the amount of energy you can produce based on battery capacity. With IQ8, produce as much solar energy as you can make, regardless of battery size, maximizing your investment in solar.

Future proof your investment 

With IQ8 at the core, Enphase Energy Systems are flexible and scalable. Start with an IQ8 solar-only system and add Enphase batteries and an IQ Load Controller as energy needs grow for resiliency.

In addition, Enphase microinverters are covered by an industry-leading 25-year limited warranty.

Enphase IQ Battery

With the Enphase IQ Battery, you can bank the power you make and use it anytime, day or night, rain or shine. And where net metering is offered, you can sell the energy you don’t need back to the grid — making your battery a bank in every sense of the word. When the sun sets, it shines. 

enphase iq solar batterySmart backup with or without the grid

In the event of a grid outage, its Power Start™ technology can intelligently provide enough surge power to smoothly start power-hungry appliances.

Weather protection

IQ Batteries are NEMA 3R rated, so they can keep delivering power even in harsh weather conditions, like rain, sleet, snow, and ice.

The Intelligent Storm Guard™ feature automatically tracks weather systems to prioritize power backup if an approaching storm is detected.

Designed for maximum safety

By using lithium iron phosphate battery chemistry, Enphase puts safety first where it matters most— your home. Enphase IQ battery operates at low-voltage DC power, avoiding the dangers that come with high-voltage DC power. They are safer, last longer, and cost less than NMC alternatives.

Perfect size, perfect fit

IQ Batteries come in two capacities (3.3 kWh and 10 kWh) to provide the most flexibility when designing your storage needs—and each are available in two sizes to fit any space. Because Enphase batteries are modular by design, you can easily add more capacity and grow your system over time.

Reliable power you can use anytime

Enphase batteries use multiple IQ8 microinverters—the same as used in their solar products—so your power keeps flowing.

Extra resilient

Seamlessly integrate a compatible AC home standby generator into your Enphase solar and battery system for more power during extended grid outages.

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Enphase App

Control your Enphase system from virtually anywhere with the most powerful mobile app ever created for solar. See exactly where power is flowing through your home in real time. Monitor how much energy you’ve made, used, and saved so far this year. Choose the essential appliances that absolutely need to stay on during an outage—or let the software decide for you. And in many communities, when you’re not saving surplus electricity for your own use, you’ll be selling it back to your utility provider for cash or credit on your bill. The power of the sun, at your fingertips.

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Added Benefits Make Enphase IQ Excel Above the Rest 

Intelligent design means extra effort into every detail. Here are additional benefits to an Enphase solar system that make it groundbreaking technology.

Smart power

Enphase Energy Systems are smart enough to update themselves automatically over the internet to receive the latest software and new features.

Responsive and responsible

Enphase Energy Systems include built-in Rapid Shutdown so that, in the event of an emergency, your solar power can be turned off instantly and easily. This will keep utility workers and first responders safe.

Enphase IQ Combiner

A communications gateway that enables monitoring and switching between make, use, save, or sell modes for your home energy system.

Enphase IQ Load Controller

Turns off power to nonessential appliances in the event of an outage and directs battery power to where it’s needed most.

enphase solar iq load controller

Enphase System Controller

Connects the home to the grid, batteries, and solar panels, automatically detecting and seamlessly transitioning from grid power to backup power.

Who is Enphase Energy

After releasing their first solar panel inverter in 2008, Enphase Energy quickly established themselves among the best in the solar industry for the quality of their microinverters. Across Europe and the United States and as far as Australia, Enphase microinverters are well-known to solar companies everywhere.

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Harness the Power of the Sun with the Intelligent Enphase Solar System

Don’t just settle for any solar system, make sure you’re getting the smartest. An Enphase solar system will help you avoid energy uncertainty in the future with increasing power outages and fluctuating energy prices. With the power of the sun at your fingertips, Enphase can help you control your home’s energy and reduce your reliance on the grid, with or without a solar battery. That’s an intelligent decision for your energy independence.

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