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ADT Solar, Trusted Solar Company in Destin

Destin is a great place to go solar. When it comes to finding solar companies in Destin, you may be feeling lost. Don’t worry, we’ll make it easy for you. Offering some of the best warranties in the solar industry, ADT Solar has a proven history and reputation for providing quality service. In 2021, Solar Power World ranked ADT Solar, formerly Sunpro Solar, #2 for Top Residential Solar Installer in the United States.

Read on to find out what makes Destin such a great place for solar and how you can easily go solar with great incentives available in your area.

Benefits of Solar Panels in Destin, Florida

Destin, Florida, known for being part of the “Emerald Coast”, its white sandy beaches, and the title “Luckiest Fishing Village in the World”, is a place where families enjoy plenty of sunshine. With more than 220 days of sunlight and warmer winters, this coastal town is perfect for harnessing the power of sunshine. By switching to Destin solar power, residents can keep their ocean, beaches, and surrounding areas beautiful and pollution-free. Not only that, solar panels will help Destin homeowners achieve long-term savings by reducing monthly utility bills significantly.

Save Money With Solar Panels

Florida is one of the highest monthly electricity consumers in the nation. Florida ranks about 19.71% higher than the national average monthly consumption of 903 kWh/month. That means a typical Floridian homeowner’s electricity bill is around $123, and this number happens to rank 9th in the nation. That means extra monthly savings to homeowners in Destin who choose to go solar. And despite what you’ve heard, solar power is not illegal in the state of Florida.

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Destin Florida Solar Incentives

With a 30% federal solar tax credit, tax exemptions, and other state incentives offered by Florida, now is the most affordable time to make the switch to clean solar energy. Let the sunshine power your home with Destin solar power, and cash in on the sunlight!

Federal Solar Tax Credit for Florida Homeowners

The federal government, in an attempt to create more interest in switching to renewable energy, put together this amazing incentive. From now until the end of 2032, you can purchase a solar panel system, and receive 30% of the total cost back in tax credits. So if your solar panel system cost you $18,000, you’d get $5,400 back in tax credits. That would reduce your overall costs to just $12,600!

Sounds great, right? But the 30% tax credit is reduced to 26% in 2033 and again to 22% in 2034. If you’re serious about going solar, you should consider taking advantage of this while it’s still available.

Net Metering for Solar Panels in Destin, Florida

Destin is ideal for solar panels for a few reasons. Firstly, the city gets tons of natural sunlight, which means the panels generate more energy, and secondly, Florida has statewide net metering.

Net metering is when you sell any excess energy produced by your solar panels back to your utility grid. So if it’s an especially sunny afternoon, but you aren’t home, your solar panels will likely generate a surplus of energy. That extra power will be sent to your grid, and your electric utility account will be credited for each kW produced. So not only are you reducing the amount of electricity you use from your grid, you’re reducing your bill on top of that, too! You could have a power bill of $0, or even a negative balance.

There are two electric utility companies who provide power to the fair town of Destin: Gulf Power, and Choctawhatchee Electric Cooperative (or CHECLO for short). Their requirements for net metering are listed in the table below.

Utility Company



Gulf Power

  • The Standard Interconnection Application must be completed and submitted to Gulf Power.

  • Depending on the size of the system, a Tier 1, 2, or 3 Standard Interconnection Agreement must be completed and submitted.

  • The system must be installed according to the requirements specified by Gulf Power.

There are three tiers for solar panel systems, depending on the size.

  • Tier 1- Solar panel systems of less than or equal to 10 kW.

  • Tier 2 – Solar panel systems of greater than 10 kW and less than or equal to 100 kW.

  • Tier 3 – Solar panel systems of greater than 100 kW and less than or equal to 2 MW.


  • The customer must complete and submit CHELCO’s Interconnection Agreement prior to installation of the solar panel system.

  • The solar panel system must be inspected by the county building department.

  • The customer must then complete and submit the Application for Interconnection.

There are three tiers for solar panel systems, depending on the size. Specific requirements may vary depending on the tier.

  • Tier 1- Solar panel systems of less than or equal to 10 kW.

  • Tier 2 – Solar panel systems of greater than 10 kW and less than or equal to 100 kW.

  • Tier 3 – Solar panel systems of greater than 100 kW and less than or equal to 2 MW.

ADT Solar works directly with your utility company to ensure that all requirements are met for interconnection on your behalf. The information above is current as of this publication date. Please contact your utility company for current net metering requirements.

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Property Tax Exemption for Destin Homeowners with Solar

Having your own home or business is very exciting, but having to pay property taxes is a little less so. And since solar panels add value to your home, they also add to your property taxes. That is, unless you live in Florida. The Florida state government has generously waived property taxes for value added by solar panels.

When you go solar in Destin, you can rest assured that your home’s property taxes will stay the same, even with your new solar panel system. So if you ever need to sell your Destin home, you have extra seller’s power without having to pay extra for it.

Solar Panels Sales Tax Exemption in Destin, FL

The current sales tax in Florida is 6%, which means that everything you buy has 6% of the total cost tacked onto the end of the price. That can get very annoying, especially when it comes to larger purchases. But when it comes to solar panels on Destin homes, that sales tax goes right out the window. Because Florida knows that solar energy is a great thing, solar panels are sales tax exempt. So you can get your solar panels in Destin without worrying about paying extra for the sales tax!

Solar Company in Destin: ADT Solar

Choosing a reliable, local Destin solar company is important. ADT Solar provides everything that you look for in a Destin solar installation company. From the quality of materials in the Silfab (or many of our other solar panels options), to the high quality of customer service, to the experience of our installation technicians, ADT Solar is here to provide you with nothing less than the absolute best for your Destin home.

We believe in our work here at ADT Solar, and we strive to prove ourselves to our customers. To show our level of commitment, each ADT Solar installation also comes with the following:

  • A free home energy audit to make certain your home is energy efficient
  • A 25 year labor warranty
  • A 25 year production warranty
  • 25 Year Solar Panel Manufacturer Warranty
  • 25 Year Enphase Microinverter Warranty
  • Roof replacement experts

ADT Solar services the greater Destin area, including Fort Walton Beach, Niceville, and more. We offer turnkey solar solutions so that you can get your solar panel system without having to worry about a thing. Contact us today to learn more!