You might have heard that going solar is good. But what are the benefits of going solar? Let’s start with the fact that solar is great for the environment and even could put some money back in your pocket for things you need. Want to know more about the benefits of solar energy for homeowners? We present the top 6 benefits for homeowners of powering their home with the sun.

6. Could reduce your monthly electric bill.

Adding solar energy to your home could lower your monthly electric bill, depending on your particular situation. This is a major motivating factor for people who choose to go solar,

5. Take advantage of tax credits and incentives.

When you take steps to make your home more energy efficient, you could be eligible to claim the federal solar tax credit. Depending on where you live, there could be state-level tax credit or rebate as well. The current federal tax credit is 30% of the cost of your system, which is the last year of a residential solar tax credit.

4. Protects against rising energy costs.

Solar is a resource that never runs out, and using it as a fuel means it’s free. Unlike traditional energy costs that fluctuate due to changes in fuel prices (oil, natural gas, coal, etc.), your future energy costs are predictable and pre-purchased. Investing in solar for your home is a way to future-proof where you live.

3. Gives greater energy independence.

If you choose to own versus lease your system, everything is yours: the panels, the power and the benefits. You’ll still be tied to the grid, but with a solar battery you can achieve greater energy independence for your home.

2. Increases property value.

The exact numbers vary from property to property, but research shows solar helps homeowners fetch a higher asking price. And, the property value advantages only increase as you scale up. For example, installing 5KW of solar panels adds an average of nearly $30,000 to the retail value of a medium-sized home and helps you differentiate your property when it becomes time to sell.

1. Helps the environment.

Last but not least, choosing solar reduces your carbon footprint because you’re reducing the total amount of greenhouse gases that are produced and released into the atmosphere to support your individual lifestyle. Unlike fossil fuels, solar energy doesn’t produce air or water pollution. When you reduce pollution, you’re contributing to better, everyday air quality that lends to better health outcomes for society.

There you have it! Those are the top benefits of solar energy for homeowners.

And while there are many advantages to going solar, two reasons that drive most homeowners to consider installing solar power is saving money and doing something positive for the environment.

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Photo by Daoudi Aissa on Unsplash