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Verde Energy
We now offer Texas consumers Solar wrapped with 100% renewable energy. Sunpro and Verde Energy Texas have teamed up to bring customers a value in packaged roof-top solar and retail electricity. Verde Energy has developed custom priced energy product that is tailored to how you will use electricity with your solar system in place. Choose from a 12, 24, or 36 month plan and get paid for the excess energy your system generates in the form of bill credits!

Why choose Verde Energy?

Power your home with the sun. As energy prices continue to rise, Verde Energy TX and Sunpro Solar have come up with a new solar plan that allows you to take control of how you use energy while potentially adding significant value to your home by installing solar. With Verde Energy TX and Sunpro you can:

Your Home with Solar

From the moment your home solar system is up and running, you’ll start reducing the amount of electricity you use from the grid, resulting in consistently lower electric bills. During the long, Texas summers, you can power a significant portion of your home demand with the power of the sun when your normal usage would be at its peak. Bottom line, you’ll use less electricity when it’s most expensive. Take a look at Solar Savings to find out about tax credits and grants.

Still finishing your installation?

If your home install is not completely finished yet, that is okay too. In the meantime, Verde will enroll you in one of their 100% renewable plans and switch you to a solar plan without any penalty when the install is complete. Just send a copy of your interconnection agreement and they’ll help you transition to one of the solar plans. No interruption in service, no hassles, just smooth sailing.

Call Verde Energy 800-270-2294 to see how easy and affordable it is to do the right thing for your home, the environment and your budget. Please contact Verde to get the complete terms and conditions for these offers.

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P.O. Box 36389, Houston, TX 77236-6389