Testimonials - Why We Switched to Solar

Cox Family

“We’re actually saving about $150 a month on our light bill from what it used to be. And it was shocking to see one month our bill was only $10. Even in the heat of the summer, it got up to about $45. We love showing off our bill because people don’t really believe it. It’s fun. I love the reactions we get.”

Richard Family

“People thinking about going solar, they need to think about how energy is going to increase in the coming years and once I pay off this system, that’s it. I’ll just be paying the minimum on my electricity. Instead of paying our electricity bill, we’re paying for our solar system. “

Dickerson Family

“[Going solar] has dramatically changed our electricity bill. A year ago it was running up in the 350 range; our last bill was $50. It’s really nice to see that I’m making money.”

“…He looks forward to energy giving him money back.”

Janet Selig

“The Sunpro Referral App was very easy to use. People find out you went solar and are interested,  you can put their information into the app and start earning money.”

Mueller Family

“We chose Sunpro because of the warranties that they offered, the sales process, the salesperson, everybody that we spoke to within the company. Even referrals had nothing but great things to say so about them, so it made perfect sense for us to take that next step.”

Yoder Family

“It’s been a really good experience, It’s nice to have an energy specialist who is knowledgeable and always available if we have questions or need help with anything.”

Lavergne Family

“Everything from start to finish was way easier than we thought […] Every promise so far has been to a T or better.”

Freeman Family

“The professionalism of Sunpro is what I would say you should be drawn to as potential customers.”

Going solar was the best financial decision I have ever made.

Committed to Customer Service


We are proud to offer world-class service when offering solar solutions to our customers. Every homeowner and customers is unique in their needs for savings and independent energy solutions, we handle your project with care. We take care of all the details from planning and installation to power production and system support. We are obsessed with making sure you are happy. That means we will do whatever it takes to make your switch to solar easy and affordable.

Our service teams are experts at delivering the attentive service you deserve!

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