Haunted by Power Outages? It’s Time for a Tesla Powerwall Battery.

Spooky solar Tesla Powerwall battery

Power outages this time of year leave us with an important question: Are you afraid of the dark? You’re not alone. And we mean that in the least frightening way possible. The Tesla Powerwall 2 is your friend.

Halloween references aside, when the lights go out it’s a scary feeling. Ask any homeowner. They’ll tell you that they want to feel safe, and they want a reliable backup battery that won’t leave them in the dark.

Paired with your solar panels, your Tesla Powerwall 2 will store your electricity and leave it entirely within your control.

During an outage you won’t use any power from the grid at all. And during hours of little or no sunlight, you’ll use much less electricity from the grid and use more energy produced all from your own panels.

With double the capacity of the original Powerwall, greater power output and 90% round-trip efficiency, the Tesla Powerwall 2 is simply the best solar battery on the market.

powerwall home Source: Tesla

The Scary Good Benefits of Tesla Powerwall 2

Before you ask, no the Powerwall isn’t something for a ghost to walk through. (Although one may try.)

You deserve to have confidence in your backup power supply, which is why we only use the Tesla Powerwall at Sunpro Solar.

The performance and reliability are outstanding. And you’ll hear the same from residents who already have their own Powerwalls. Plus, you know that you’re getting the latest technology because it’s from Tesla.

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A Reliable Solar Backup Battery

Without lights, how are you supposed to see the things that go bump in the night?

With a reliable Tesla Powerwall 2 as your backup battery, you can store excess power from your panels, and keep the lights on during grid failures 100x faster than traditional generators.

The battery has a 90% round-trip efficiency. Simply put, round-trip efficiency is a way of measuring the amount of energy lost over time in storage. The higher the percentage, the less energy lost and, therefore, the higher the efficiency.


Like something straight out of science fiction, the National Weather Service even has the ability to communicate with your Powerwall. Enable your Tesla Powerwall 2 with Storm Watch, and your Powerwall will prioritize charging in anticipation of severe weather.

Even better, the Powerwall will snap to life in only a matter of seconds in the event the grid goes down. It’s a better backup in case the electric company decides to “ghost” you.

More Energy Storage for Solar Panels

While it’s far from haunted, the Tesla Powerwall 2 speaks for itself. More energy storage means more independence from the electrical grid.

That’s right. The Tesla Powerwall 2 boasts double the capacity of the original Powerwall. That means your battery has a killer storage capacity of 13.5 kWh of usable energy.

The stacking feature is an added bonus, too. You can install anywhere from one to ten batteries together to power one property or a home with significantly greater energy needs.

What’s more, it also has a devilishly greater power output capability of 7kW peak and 5kW continuous.

tesla powerwall appMonitor Your Energy Usage

Every Tesla Powerwall installation comes with a Tesla app to help you monitor your home energy.

You’ll receive a full picture of how much energy you’re using and producing at any given time or in real-time. The Tesla monitoring solution will also show you the same energy statistics based on seasons with extreme cold or harsh heat.


Save Money on Rising Electricity Prices

Want to know the thing that keeps many homeowners up at night? Nightmarish electricity bills.

By producing and storing your own energy with the help of your solar panels and Tesla Powerwall 2 battery, your monthly energy bill will decrease significantly.

rising cost of electricity over the yearsThe stored energy in your Powerwall will run your home even when the sun is covered or when night falls on the land.

When you use less or no electricity from the grid at all, you protect yourself from the energy companies’ constant peak seasonal rates and yearly rate increases.


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Tesla Powerwall 2: What Does it Power?

Maybe you already have solar panels. Or maybe you’re interested in installing a rooftop solar system to power your home. Either way, homeowners want to know just how powerful the powerwall really is.

Here are a couple common questions that we are asked:

“Can Tesla Powerwall 2 power my house?”

whole home load

Source: Tesla

A power outage in the home is more than an inconvenience. It’s an uncomfortable situation and, in a bad enough storm, a dangerous experience. It’s also frustrating to wait around for the electric company to get the lights back on.

During peak sunlight hours, your solar panels will send enough energy to your battery to provide a whole-home backup — all from your Tesla Powerwall 2.

The whole-home backup installation model means that your solar panels produce enough energy to supply your entire home during a power outage.

Your evil lab, on the other hand, will work just fine with a powerful strike of lightning.


“Can Tesla Powerwall 2 power my appliances?”

partial home load

Source: Tesla

Is it too much to ask that a grid failure doesn’t spoil your evening or your groceries? Tesla Powerwall will have your appliances covered.

After all, you just want to keep your food fresh and your family safe. It’s not like you’re building a monster on your table.

Some homeowners prefer a partial home backup system layout. This means that the Powerwall provides backup power to specific, essential loads like important appliances and equipment.

Of course some appliances like your air conditioner, refrigerators, laundry machines and convection ovens pull more energy than others. But with the right Powerwall battery installation, you can keep it all running should the electrical grid fail.


How Much Does Tesla Powerwall 2 Cost?

For starters, it would certainly cost you more to buy a castle in Transylvania.

More often than not, the price of your Powerwall depends on various install requirements for your particular home and situation.

Even if you can find a good cost estimate by searching various sites, it’s best to get an official quote from an approved installer to find out how it all breaks down.

There are some little-known cost benefits that make the Powerwall not so expensive. Solar rebates and incentives like the federal tax credit can drastically change the price and feasibility of this energy storage investment.

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Claim a Solar Tax Credit

If you’re switching to solar in 2022, you will be able to take advantage of a 26% Tax Credit for your solar panels and also your Tesla Powerwall 2 battery. However, if you go solar in 2023, there will be a reduction to a 22% tax credit from the US federal government available for you.

Including the Tesla Powerwall 2 in your solar installation is a great idea for plenty of reasons, but the Solar Tax Credit is a reason that just makes sound financial sense. That’s because the solar tax credit applies to all components of your solar setup including the home battery storage like the Tesla Powerwall 2.

Use Net Metering to Offset Some of the Cost

It turns out there is life after death, well, after the death of your dependence on the electric company. In fact, your state may have a net metering policy in place which means you can sell your excess energy back to your utility company for credits on your energy bill…long after you’re gone from their grid.

Those credits and extra earnings from net metering can help make your battery system more affordable. The Tesla Powerwall 2 can store your excess energy; making it easier to sell

Powerwall 2 Specs

Source: Tesla

What are the Tesla Powerwall 2 Specs?

Before your backup battery plans are laid to rest, get to know the ins and outs of the Tesla Powerwall 2 specifications.

A compact, resilient design makes it easy to find a place indoors and outdoors to install as many as ten Tesla Powerwalls. The Powerwall is versatile enough to be mounted on the wall or on the ground.

In short, the Powerwall is made up of an integrated inverter, a liquid thermal control system, software to control the flow of electricity and a 14kWh lithium ion battery pack.

Performance Specs: 

  • AC Voltage (Nominal): 120/240 V
  • Feed-In Type: Split Phase
  • Grid Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Total Energy: 14 kWh
  • Usable Energy: 13.5 kWh
  • Real Power, max continuous: 5 kW (charge and discharge)
  • Real Power, peak (10s, of-grid/backup): 7 kW (charge and discharge)
  • Apparent Power, max continuous: 5.8 kVA (charge and discharge)
  • Apparent Power, peak (10s, of-grid/backup): 7.2 kVA (charge and discharge)
  • Maximum Supply Fault Current: 10 kA
  • Maximum Output Fault Current: 32 A
  • Overcurrent Protection Device: 30 A
  • Imbalance for Split-Phase Loads: 100%
  • Power Factor Output Range: +/– 1.0 adjustable
  • Power Factor Range (full-rated power): +/– 0.85
  • Internal Battery DC Voltage: 50 V
  • Round Trip Efficiency: 90%

The Tesla Powerwall 2 also has a 10 year warranty. 

Tesla Powerwall full specs.

Get a “No Fear” Tesla Powerwall Installation

If you want to get the most from your solar panels, you are going to want the Tesla Powerwall 2 as part of your system.

With a compact design and market-leading energy density, any home can connect to the simple electrical interface and choose between an easy floor or wall mount option.

Important Note: Powerwall 2 can only be purchased and installed by approved Tesla installers.

From your first appointment to the final panel on your roof, Sunpro Solar takes care of the entire installation process. Now that doesn’t sound so scary, right?

Safe with Sunpro and Tesla

Source: Tesla

It’s Not-So-Scary with Sunpro

If we have any last words, it’s this: a Tesla Powerwall is a smart investment for homeowners who want a reliable backup power supply.

It’s a no-brainer, which is great news if you have solar or considering including it in your install. (Even better news if you’re running from zombies.)

If you’d like to learn more about the Tesla Powerwall battery storage system or would like to learn more about switching to solar, contact us for a free quote.

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