Tesla just announced the Tesla Solar Inverter that is due to be launched soon. The Tesla Solar Inverter will complete their set of offerings in home solar products which includes the popular Tesla Powerwall (read: Why the Tesla Powerwall is worth it) and Solar Roof Tiles. Here’s what you need to know about it.

What it means for the solar industry

Tesla has been a major player in the solar industry since launching the Tesla Powerwall, a revolutionary solar battery that can be installed with your solar panel system to self-power your home, day or night. However, they just stepped up their game within the solar industry with the addition of their solar inverter which can be used with or without the Powerwall and with any brand of solar panels.  The new features allow real-time updates and two models, including the 3.8 kW and 7.6 kW models which differ in function and output.

The official statement about the new Solar Inverter from Tesla is this:

“Tesla Solar Inverter completes the Tesla home solar system, converting DC power from solar to AC power for home consumption. Tesla’s renowned expertise in power electronics has been combined with robust safety features and a simple installation process to produce an outstanding solar inverter that is compatible with both Solar Roof and traditional solar panels. Once installed, homeowners use the Tesla app to manage their solar system and monitor energy consumption, resulting in a truly unique ecosystem experience.”

What is a solar inverter? 

Simply stated, a solar inverter is what connects between your solar panels and your home energy panel in order to convert solar energy into usable power for your home.

A slightly more in depth description is that the solar cells in your solar panels capture energy from the sun and convert it into Direct Current (DC) energy. Most homes use Alternating Current (AC) energy, so you need a way to convert the solar power to household power in an instant.

A solar inverter converts DC power to AC power with tremendous efficiency. That’s because solar inverters connect directly to the back of each solar panel. They are independent from the other solar panels which means more efficient power production.

Read more about what they are and why you should care about solar inverters.

Tesla solar inverter features

The Tesla Solar Inverter is built on Powerwall technology and features Wi-Fi or ethernet connectivity for over-the-air updates and is designed to integrate with the Tesla app. The Tesla app allows you complete energy monitoring for your home. You can see how your home both produces and uses energy at any given time. Using the Tesla app, you can monitor your home energy system in real time.

The Tesla Solar Inverter has a size of 26″ x 16″ x 6′ (or 660mm x 411mm x 158mm), weighs 52 lbs, and includes an extended warranty of 12.5 years. It also has safety features that include Integrated rapid shutdown and arc fault and ground fault protection.

The release date and price have not yet been released by Tesla, but stay tuned for more information.

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