Solar panels are a great way to provide your home with reliable, clean solar energy. And we all know that solar power dramatically reduces your energy use from the grid and as a result, your monthly electric bill.

However if you don’t have a solar battery backup, you’re missing one crucial component in maximizing your home energy savings.

Solar panels often produce more energy than your home can use at peak sunlight hours, which goes to waste, or sold back to your electric company. But an even better solution is to store this excess energy for use during times (like nighttime) when you’d normally connect to the grid. Or let’s say, when the lights go out due to outages. That is why solar energy storage has become more important than ever. 

For this reason, homeowners like yourself, are on the search for the safest, most reliable home battery backup systems on the market. Introducing the Enphase battery, Enphase Encharge.

Introducing: Enphase Encharge Solar Battery Backup Ensemble™

Enphase Encharge is one of the most reliable solar batteries out there, newly released by experts in the solar field. ADT Solar is now proud to offer the following Enphase Encharge solar battery storage systems in the states of Louisiana, Tennessee and Mississippi. If you’re interested in more information, or have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to a Solar Sales Specialist.

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enphase encharge solar battery backup for home

Encharge 10™ storage system

The Encharge 10™ all-in-one AC-coupled storage system, is composed of three base Encharge 3™ storage units, provides a total usable energy capacity of 10.1kWh and twelve embedded grid-forming micro inverters. Connect multiple Encharge 10 storage systems to maximize backup potential for whole home backup.

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Encharge 3™ storage system

The Encharge 3™ all-in-one AC-coupled storage system provides a total usable energy capacity of 3.4kWh and four embedded grid-forming micro inverters. It provides great flexibility in starting small and adding incremental capacity.

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ADT Solar and Enphase have a shared interest in maximizing savings for homeowners with highly efficient solar systems. That means we integrate products into your system that get as close to your needs as possible.

With a ADT Solar panel installation producing power, your battery system from Enphase will store your excess power to give you true energy independence.

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Why Enphase?

EnphaseA Leader in Renewable Energy Technology

Enphase Energy started in 2006 when founders Martin Fornage and Raghu Belur set out to create higher quality, better producing micro inverters for solar panel installations. Well-known as the first company to successfully commercialize micro inverters, they’ve been a leader in the solar industry providing excellent micro inverters, storage batteries, monitoring software and related accessories from Europe all the way to Australia. Enphase combines high quality, long lasting products with reasonable prices, which makes them a preferred partner for solar companies like ADT Solar.

Enphase + Solar Batteries = A Winning Combination

There are plenty of reasons to trust Enphase with your solar battery solutions. For one, they’ve been perfecting safe, powerful and reliable solar microinverter technology for more than 14 years on over one million rooftops. Not to mention tens of thousands of storage units installed since 2016, and third-generation technology, they know what it takes to do storage right.

Read more about Enphase.

Enphase Battery Storage Products offer:

  • Lower upfront costs: More affordable than other storage options.
  • Higher performance: 96% round-trip efficiency.
  • Greater reliability: Minimum 10-year expected life and no single point of failure.
  • Safer: Safety certified by TUV Rheinland and there’s no high-voltage DC in system.

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Enphase Encharge Features and Technology


Safety was at the forefront when Enphase storage was designed. You won’t find dangerous, high voltage electricity in Enphase batteries. That’s because they selected the safest residential battery chemistry available.

  • Cells safety tested
  • Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry for maximum safety and longevity

enphase battery comparison

enphase battery backup voltage and your home


Start small, go big, or grow over time – with Enphase storage, you’re in control of your energy, and that’s a powerful thing. Whether you want to manage your entire system from a single app or leave it on auto-pilot using Storm Guard, the power is in your hands.

A flexible design that grows with you

enphase battery design expandable

Protected by Storm Guard

enphase battery storm guard

Over-the-air upgrades and updates

enphase battery features


Collectively, Enphase products undergo one million hours of reliability testing, but they didn’t stop there: they also designed a fail-safe system. In the unlikely event of a microinverter failure, the remaining microinverters keep the backup power safely running. It’s like a backup for your backup.

  • Proven high reliability IQ Series Microinverters
  • Ten-year limited warranty
  • Three independent Encharge storage base units
  • Twelve embedded IQ 8X-BAT Microinverters
  • Passive cooling (no moving parts/fans)

What if an inverter fails?

enphase battery technology

  • Grid-forming capability for backup operation
  • Remote software and firmware upgrade
  • Mobile app-based monitoring and control
  • Support for self consumption
  • Utility time of use (TOU) optimization

A single app for everything

enphase battery app


When the grid fails, we want to make sure you’re ready. That’s why Enphase designed a battery without moving parts: one less thing that can break.

  • Fully integrated AC battery system
  • Quick and easy plug-and-play installation
  • Interconnects with standard household AC wiring

The power of your home’s energy in your hands: Enphase MyEnlighten App 

Part of every ADT Solar installation is access to Enphase Envoy: a networking hub that connects you to the MyEnlighten monitoring app. The MyEnlighten app lets you track your solar panel production and consumption in real-time. Accessible from your phone, tablet, computer or any internet-connected device, you’ll get insights into nearly every function and performance stat of your solar system.

MyEnlighten App

Enphase Presents: MyEnlighten App Online Monitoring

The Enphase MyEnlighten app offers the following features:

  • System Status Indicator shows any problems and provides troubleshooting tips.
  • Verify today’s performance at-a-glance
  • View historical production data by days, months or hours
  • View historical weather data to understand variations in performance
  • Share your daily energy production on social media via integrated buttons

ADT Solar and Enphase: Industry Leading Technology and Installation

ADT Solar and Enphase have a shared interest in maximizing savings for homeowners with highly efficient solar systems. A ADT Solar installation combined with Enphase tech makes for a more efficient, resilient and intuitive solar system.

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