When you need it most, emergency battery backup power can keep what matters to you up and running. In this blog we’ll break down some of the top benefits of home solar panel batteries so you can best decide “is a home solar battery right for me?”

Benefits of Emergency Battery Backup Power:

  • Avoid Surging Electrical Prices
  • Monitor Your Energy Usage
  • Power Through the Night
  • Protect Your Home

Avoid Surging Electrical Prices

Some utility companies are doing everything possible to take their power back. This results in the continuous rise of electricity rates for some consumers. It can put a big strain on homeowner’s pockets as they see their electric bills increase each year. More homeowners than ever are moving toward solar to offset this cost and produce their own energy. But even if you have your own home solar system, there might be times when you need to pull electricity from the grid. When this happens, you’ll still be stuck paying premium prices.

Plus, did you know your electric company could charge you more for the energy you use during peak times? During popular energy usage times of the day and night electric companies have higher rates for energy – costing you more.

The best solution for this? A solar battery to store the excess energy your solar panels produce and use it when you need it.

Solar panels alone already have the potential to lower your electric bill. But having an accompanying battery may reduce your electricity bill even further by avoiding surging electric prices.

Monitor Your Energy Usageperson using solar panel batteries application

Be in control of your home’s energy use by monitoring it closely. Through the latest technology, solar battery homeowners can see in real time what appliances and systems are using energy and how much of it. This will allow you the opportunity to lessen your usage and save money! Solar batteries come with a free mobile application that gives you these invaluable insight and analytics.

Power Through the Night

One of those times mentioned above that you may have needed to use electricity from the energy grid is at night. Solar panels, of course, need sunlight to produce energy. Though they can work in limited light like on cloudy days, nights are still times when you’ll need energy from elsewhere. Unless you have a solar battery, that is! A solar battery stores the overproduction of energy your panels create in peak times, and allows you to use that energy at night.

Protect Your Home

Rest assured that even in natural disasters and rolling blackouts, your lights have the capacity to stay on. Thanks to an emergency battery backup power, you can protect your home from unforeseen circumstances and inconveniences. Whether it’s a planned blackout to preserve the grid’s resources, or a category 5 hurricane, no one wants to be left in the dark. And solar panels are far better than generators in these difficult situations. Generators are hazardous, loud, unregulated, and horrible for the environment. When your electricity grid fails, count on the reliability of your solar panels and some emergency battery backup power to keep the lights on.

Why the Enphase Encharge is the best home solar battery

Enphase Emergency Battery Backup Power

Enphase Battery storage products offer lower upfront costs and are more affordable than other storage options. They have ultra-high performance with 96% round-trip efficiency. Enphase batteries are extremely reliable, with a minimum 10-year expected life. Enphase batteries are also known for their safety. They’re safety certified by TUV Rheinland and there’s no high-voltage DC in the system.

Here are some other features we love about the Enphase Encharge solar batteries:

Load Control

Should the power grid go down, when your Enphase Encharge batteries kick in, you’ll be in charge. Through their Load Control feature you can select what in your home receives power and when. Run critical things such as medical devices and refrigerators, but pause other things not needed at the time. This will allow you to save the battery power you’ve stored for longer by only using it on what you need most.

Storm Guard™

On your Enphase Enlighten app that comes with your batteries, you’ll be able to use the storm guard feature to monitor the weather thanks to their integration with the National Weather Service. When an alert is detected near you, Storm Guard will prioritize battery storage.

Start Small, Add Later

No matter how many batteries you start off with, you can always add additional ones on later should you want a lesser upfront cost, or your energy consumption increases.

NEMA 3R rated

This means your solar panel batteries from Enphase can keep delivering power even in harsh weather conditions, like rain, sleet, snow, and ice.

Are Solar Batteries Right for You

Having a home solar system is great, but what happens during peak hours when your panels produce more you can use? All that energy goes to waste unless you have a battery to store it. And what happens when the lights go out? They stay out if you’re without a solar battery. For these reasons and more, a solar battery can be worth it. If you’ve found yourself needing backup power for your home and your family, solar batteries could be right for you.

Solar Battery Installers

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