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Why Choose a Solar and Roofing Company in One

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ADT Solar’s roofing company, Buildpro, installs quality, affordable roofing that works with home solar systems. We work together to ensure that your roof stays secure, and your warranty stays pristine.

Installing solar panels can actually extend the life of your roof, protecting your roof from sunlight, snow, and ice. A roof that is damaged or near the end of its lifetime is not ideal for solar panels, but if you are getting a new roof or roof replacement, it could be the perfect time to switch to solar.

Do Solar Panels Ruin Your Roof?

The answer is no, as long as you have them installed by a solar company with roofing experience. In fact, in this case, solar panels can actually extend the life of your roof. This is because solar panels add an extra layer of protection to your roof from the elements such as rain, wind, hail and sun. They soak up all that sunshine and convert it into clean energy you can use to power your home instead!

ADT Solar works together with our sister company, Buildpro, to ensure that your roof and your solar panels are properly installed. You could save a ton on your new roof by getting solar panels at the same time — just ask our experts how you can save on your roof replacement and solar combination.

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Professional Roofing Background and Experience

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As a member of a residential construction company called The Pro Companies, ADT Solar has an in-house roofing company to address any concerns regarding roof damage. This is uncommon among solar companies out there. ADT Solar’s roofing company, Buildpro, installs quality, affordable roofing and works to ensure that every step of installation protects the roof on which the solar panels are placed.

Together with Buildpro Roofing, ADT Solar further protects your warranty and against any unnecessary damage. As both a roofing contractor and solar contractor, the companies use only trusted and high-performing shingle brands such as Owens Corning™️, CertainTeed, and IKO. From the pitch to the flashing, using these quality products on your roof will also ensure that your home has tasteful aesthetics that stand out from other homes in your neighborhood.


Here’s why roofing experience is important for solar installation:

A solar company with roofing industry experience like ADT Solar can address all of the issues above whereas a solar company without roofing experience could mean more risk of damage to your roof.

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Roofing Experience Results in Better Solar Panel Installations

When it comes to choosing your solar company, you want to pick one that has the experience and knowledge that comes from roofing. Getting a new roof and solar panels at the same time means you can save a ton on your new roof and experience protection from serious storms and the watts produced by the photovoltaics in your solar panels. When considering solar options and roofing options, ask your ADT Solar energy specialist on how you can save on your roof replacement and solar combo as well as your energy bills.

Roofing with Solar

Installing Solar Panels on an Asphalt Shingle Roof

Shingle roofs are very common on residences, and also common with conventional solar panels. If the roof is fairly new (just a few years old), or you replace your roof with the intention of installing solar panels, your roof should last you throughout the lifetime of your new solar panels. On a solar roof shingles are a perfect style.

Asphalt shingles or a tile roof can be perfectly paired with solar panels. Roof replacement typically takes 1-3 days, though it can vary depending on the home’s size. A well-installed and maintained shingle roof lasts 20-25 years. Along with solar shingles are a great option for capitalizing solid quality and energy savings.

Get Solar Panels Installed on a Metal Roof

As with shingles, metal roofing takes only a few days to install or replace. Metal roofs are excellent for solar panels and solar products. They are highly durable, low-profile, and will likely last longer than the solar panels themselves — especially if the metal roof is newly installed.

Better yet, because metal roofs have an average 60 year lifespan your roof installation will last decades. In fact, some metal roofs have lasted over 100 years, making them an ideal long-term choice. And since a metal roof helps your home be more energy efficient by reflecting heat and cold, it’s a fantastic match!

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Install Solar Panels on a Flat Roof

When performed by a professional roofing company, installing solar panels on a flat roof should cause no more issues than any other installation of a solar roof system. Panel removal shouldn’t be an issue either. A flat roof lifespan is typically 20-30 years, which makes it an even better roof style for rooftop solar.

While more typical on commercial buildings, flat roofs can be perfect for solar energy. Your solar installers can point the solar panels in any direction they need to for maximum sunlight exposure. The solar cells in the panels love the abundant sunshine. You can also install panels that follow the sun for even higher energy capture.


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Roofing And Solar Insurance Claims

roofing and solar installationADT Solar and Buildpro roofing are always available to help you with your insurance claims should severe weather hit.

In case of damage to your roofing system or a move to a new location, we can assist you with the removal and reinstallation of your solar panels. In no time at all, your solar panels will be on their racks and up and running, and you’ll be saving money and energy again.

ADT Solar is here to answer any questions you may have about opportunities or restrictions regarding roofing for solar panels. From Nevada to Florida and many areas in between, simply contact our expert consultants, and they’ll be happy to help you.


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Buildpro Roofing: Expert Solar and Roof Installers

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Since 2008, ADT Solar has a proven history and reputation for providing quality service in the solar industry. What’s more, ADT Solar, formerly Sunpro Solar, was ranked #2 for 2021 Solar Power World’s Top Residential Solar Installer in the United States. Between ADT Solar and Buildpro, we are proud to offer some of the best warranties and product manufacturers you can find in the roofing and solar industries and only use products that offer the same.

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