Solar and Energy Efficiency

Solar Energy + Energy Efficiency

Take your savings even further with solar energy plus energy efficiency. Have your home evaluated for potential energy efficiency upgrades, including a free home energy audit by the experts at Energypro. ADT Solar and Energypro work side by side to make sure you’re getting the most value out of your solar panels. When you manage any potential ways your home is losing energy, you’re keeping the energy your solar panels are creating and saving even more money each month.

Check out the complimentary energy efficiency services for every ADT Solar customer.

What is Energy Efficiency?

Energy efficiency means using less energy to perform the same tasks. Our homes use a lot of energy, much of which is unnecessary, costly and damaging to our planet. When you let professionals like the Energypro team handle it for you, you’ll be more comfortable in your home while saving energy and helping to protect the planet’s resources.

Energypro Energy Saving Services and Solutions

Energypro makes energy efficiency easy. From energy efficiency upgrades throughout your home to insulation and solar energy, let the certified professionals at Energypro help you save energy, save money, and stay comfortable in your home.

Making Your Home Energy Efficient Saves Money and the Planet.

orange-checkmark5% COST INCREASE

Average increase in electric costs every year.

orange-checkmark20% ENERGY SAVINGS

Typical annual energy savings after making your home energy efficient.

orange-checkmark15% SAVED ON ELECTRIC COSTS

Average amount saved on electric costs annually.

How Does Energypro Help?

Turning your home into an energy-efficient home is a breeze when you let the Energypro team handle it for you. Saving you hundreds while saving the planet.

20% energy savings — that’s the typical annual energy savings after making your home energy efficient.

All of our packages include comprehensive services that will include:

  • A complete Pearl Certification process and report. In it, we provide verification of existing  and newly upgraded features, describe those features’ functions, and provide the unique  service of translating home performance into home value.
  • Education on how to continue to cut energy costs
  • All work completed by Building Performance Institute Certified Installers
  • One company solution for all your improvements: ADT Solar + Energypro
Complimentary Energy Efficiency Services

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