What Size Solar Panel System Do You Need

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So you’ve decided that you’re interested in switching to green, clean, solar power, and are thinking about installing a solar panel system. There’s a few questions you’ll probably want to ask when you make this decision, and one of them is what the size of the solar panel system should be.

In order to figure that out, there’s a few questions you can answer that will help you decide what you’d like out of your solar energy system.

What Size Solar Panel System Do You Need

  • Do you want to go off grid or lower your electric bill?
    This is probably one of the biggest factors in determining the size of the solar panel system you’ll need for your home. If you want to lower your electric bill, the amount of solar panels will be determined by exactly how much you want to lower it by. If you just want half your electricity use to be reduced, your solar panel system will probably be smaller. If you want to cover all your electricity needs, you’ll probably need a bigger solar panel system so it can capture all the solar power your home will need. You may also want to consider investing in a solar energy battery, which will store any excess energy your panels will produce. This will allow your home to run on renewable energy even at night.
  • Power cordsHow much electricity are you using?
    If your energy usage is pretty low even without solar panels, that may mean that the size of the solar panel system doesn’t need to be that large. If your solar panels produce more electricity than your home uses on a regular basis, you would probably also want to look into either net metering, or installing a solar battery so that excess energy doesn’t disappear. A smaller size solar panel system means, of course, a smaller price tag. However, that still translates into massive savings over time. So be sure to look at how much energy you’re using right now so you and your sales consultant can get an idea of how big a system you’d need.
  • How many kWh can your solar panels produce?
    The answer to this actually varies- that’s because, like cars, solar panels come from all different brands and produce different levels of electricity. For example, a bifacial solar panel- which produces electricity from both sides- will naturally generate more electricity than a single-sided solar panel. Likewise, a monocrystalline solar panel will generate more electricity than a polycrystalline solar panel.
  • What size solar panel system should I get?
    The answer to this varies from house to house, and depends widely on the factors mentioned above. If you want to cover all your electric needs, you’ll probably need a larger solar panel system, which means of course, more solar panels. However, if you have limited roof space you could instead use higher efficiency solar panels. This would mean fewer solar panels, but greater generation rates.

At the end of the day, the size of your solar panel system depends entirely on your needs. And ADT Solar is here to help you figure out just what that is. We’re happy to answer any and all questions you may have about switching to renewable solar energy. If you’d like to learn more, or are interested in scheduling a free consultation, simply reach out to us today!

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