Veterans Day 2020

Veteran’s Day is the perfect time to salute veterans of all branches. Thank you for your sacrifice, your bravery, and the example you set for us all.

This day in particular is special to all of us because Sunpro Solar is a veteran-owned company. Our founder, Marc Jones, served in the U.S. Army. He reminds us that honor and service aren’t lessons for the military alone, but for the way we do business.

There’s no way to thank our veterans for everything they sacrifice for our freedom, but we would like to take a moment to acknowledge the veterans who work alongside us at Sunpro Solar.

Happy Veterans Day to our veterans and their families, who sacrifice so much to keep our country safe and strong.

We salute you!

Marc Jones, CEO/Founder (Army)

Name Branch Rank
Aaron Childress Army Sergeant
Alex Edwards Air Force E-3
Alexander Jimenez Air Force Senior Airman E-4
Alfredo Bocanegra Army 82nd Airborne Sergeant
Allen Swearingen Air Force Sergeant
Andrew Fortenberry Army E-2
Angel Magallanes Army Specialist
Anthony Price Army Corporal
Ashton Powell Army Specialist E-4
Austin Adams Marine Corps Staff Sergeant
Billy Gregory Marine Corps Sergeant
Brad Rockholt Marine Corps Corporal
Brendan Soulier Marine Corps Sergeant
Brogan Isbell Army Sergeant – E-5
Bryan Barras Army Corporal
Caleb Broadus Army E-2
Carlos Arrieta Air Force Master Sargent
Catherine Smedley Marines Staff Sergeant
Cedric Johnson Army E-6
Chad Mead Air Force E-5
Chris Karavites Army Specialist
Christian Atchley Army E-3
Christian Wilkerson Army Private First Class
Christopher Ross Army Sergeant E-6
Cody Hunt Army Specialist
Corbin Clair Army Private First Class
Daniel Garay Army Reserve E-4
Daniel Giesler Air Force Sergeant
Daniel Hatch Air Force E-4
Dante Betances Army E-2
Dario Rendon National Guard Specialist E-4
Dayquan James Army Specialist
Dean Jones Navy Petty Officer E-5 – Sonar Technician Submarines
Dedrix Daka Army Sergeant
Derek Lunsford Navy E-4
Derick Minor Army Specialist
Doniver Camacho Navy BMSN (Boatswain’s Mate Striker)
Donovan Kohls Air Force E-8
Douglas Castillo Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class
Dustin Becker Air Force Technical Sergeant
Dustin Griffin Marine Corps Sergeant
Emmanuel Dupre Army E-4
Emmanuel Vallejo Army Specialist
Erik Rosenkrance Navy E-5
Exabrial Brooks Air National Guard Senior Airman
Francisco Galindo Army Staff Sergeant
Garrett Gordon Army National Guard Private First Class
Gary Redd Army Sergeant
Gary Welch Marine Corps Lance Corporal
Gene Massey Army Specialist
Gregory Guajardo Jr Air Force
Gustavo Tenorio Army Sergeant First Class
Hunter Hilkirk Air Force E-4
Ian Pfister Navy Operations Specialist; Petty Officer 2nd Class
Ivla Roberts Army Specialist
Ivory McNeal Navy Retired/Commander
James Bruner Air Force Master Sergeant
James Sander Marine Corps Staff Sergeant
James Watson Army E-4
Jaquez Johnson Army Private 2nd Class
Jared Sampson Navy E-4
Jason Davis Navy E-4
Jason Richardson Army Sergeant
Jason Wilkey Air Force Security Forces E-4
Jeffrey Moreau Navy Search and Rescue 2nd Class
Jennifer Sandoval Air Force
Jeremy Thompson Army Specialist
Joel Eyzaguirre Navy E-6
John Bonin Marine Corps Sergeant
John Furlong Marine Corps Lance Corporal
John White Army Retired Sergeant Major
Jonathan Bukowski Army Private First Class
Jose Guereca Navy E-5 Information Systems Technician 2nd Class
Joshua Faulkner Army Specialist
Julie Coker Army Private First Class
Julie Waring Air Force Enlisted
Justin Bullock Army National Guard Specialist (ACTIVE)
Kelvin Dickson Navy E-4
Kenneth Leker Army Combat Medic
Kenneth Rodes Army Captain
Khalid Johnson Army Private First Class
Kim Arceneaux Army PFC
Kyle Carter Army E-5
Lane Lore Army National Guard Specialist
Leland Collins Army E-4
Marc Jacobs Air Force Airman First Class E-3
Marco Arreaga Army Specialist
Martin Koska Army Specialist 4
Matthew Key Army
Matthew Key Army Sergeant First Class
Michael Bullis Navy Chief Petty Officer; Chief Logistics Specialist
Michael Lundberg Marine Corps E-4
Michael Morris Cost Guard E-4
Miguel Rangel Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class
Mitchell Creel Air Force Master Sargent
Mitchell Spiers Marine Corps Sergeant
Nicholas Holliday Army Sergeant – Paratrooper
Otis Williams Air Force Security Forces AIC
Paul Blackwell Marine Corps Corporal
Paulino Garza Navy Master at Arms; Petty Officer 2nd Class
Peter Kim Army Private First Class
Peter Will Marine Corps Sergeant
Phil Smedley Marines Corporal
Ricardo Silva Marine Corps Sergeant
Richard Controy Cost Guard E-6
Richard McMahon Navy Lieutenant
Ron Towry Cost Guard E-2
Ruben Delgado Army E-4
Ryan Teipel Marine Corps Corporal
Scott Gay Chief Warrant Officer 3
Scott Quijano Army National Guard E-4
Scott Schaeffer Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class
Shannon Cox Navy Retired – E-7
Shawn Rute Army E-5
Sheri Nove Army Civilian deployed to Afghanistan as Human Terrain Specialist
Steve Simpson Air Force Senior Airman E-4
Steven Goodwin Army National Guard Specialist E-4
Terence Wilkerson Army Sergeant
Todd Whitehurst Army Specialist E-4
Tom Moseley Air Force Senior Airman
Trevcio Wengert Sergeant
Trey Wheatley Navy E-4
Venessa Johnson Army E-5
Wesley Overturf Air Force Technical Sergeant
West Roberts Army E-4
William “Parham” Bridges Army Specialist
William Beams Army Specialist 4
William Hobbs Army Specialist
William Renn Navy E-4
William Wheeler Navy E-4
Wilson Sims Marine Corps Lance Corporal


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