Solar Panels in Cold Weather Still Keep You Warm

Solar Panels in Cold Weather

Solar Panels in Cold Weather Work!

With the recent early season Artic Blast we wanted to “clear the air” on the performance of solar panels in the colder months. One common misconception is that solar panels in cold weather aren’t as productive as they are in warm weather. With the weather quickly changing we are here to tell you that this is just not true.

Solar panels in cold temperatures operate just the same as they would in warm environments. So if you’re worried that low temperatures and blustery days will have a negative impact on your solar productivity, don’t be. In fact, colder temperatures are shown to make solar panels generate electricity at above average rates!

Why is this, you may ask? Well, the answer is in the reactions that occur inside the solar cells when converting solar energy to electricity. The cooler the temperature, the more efficient the cells are in converting electricity. This might be surprising to some people, but rest assured, your solar panels will perform just as well in the winter as they do in the summer.

Additionally, solar panels produce electricity from sunlight, not heat. There is still plenty of sunlight during winter months. That means that solar panels will be producing energy more efficiently during the sunlight hours in the cooler months, still keeping you warm!

So if you’re concerned that your solar installation won’t perform in cooler weather, don’t worry. Solar panels in cold temperatures work just fine, and will continue to give you clean, renewable energy. Your electric bill will continue to be lower in the winter months, just as in the summer, giving you fantastic year-round savings.

There is never a bad season to go solar and start saving. If you’d like to know more about how you can save with solar, just give us a call! Our solar specialists will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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