When The Product’s So Good You Join The Team: A Solar Homeowner’s Journey That Led Him To A Career

Nothing makes what we do sweeter than when a customer believes in our product so much that they decide to join the Sunpro Solar family and start a career with us. We chatted with one homeowner, Ray Gregory of Arkansas, who chose Sunpro Solar for reliable clean home energy, and ended up with a rewarding new career.

Here’s what he had to say about his solar journey.

Where It All Started

Mr. Gregory had his eye on going solar for a while, but the main obstacle was that “the technology wasn’t quite there yet.” And he’s not wrong– just in the last five years alone, solar panel technology has drastically improved. Solar panels have become more effective and much cheaper for consumers than ever before, which is why he began seeing more installations on roofs in his area.

How Our Solar Homeowner Found Us

This led him to start researching solar panel companies. When starting his decision making process, Mr. Gregory explored multiple companies. But he soon became frustrated with bad experiences he was having. In fact, Mr. Gregory told us other companies would take his information, and never even return his calls.
But then he found Sunpro Solar and the thing that stood out most to him was our unparalleled customer service right off the bat.

That’s because at Sunpro, we pride ourselves on treating our customers like family. We’ve installed solar panels for more than 25,000 happy customers. See what they have to say.

How did you find out about Sunpro Solar in the first place?

“One day I was treating a customer’s yard while working in the pest and lawn business and their solar panels caught my eye,” he noted. They looked much more advanced and attractive than last time he looked into solar.
“I asked my customer about them and they added me into the Sunpro Referral app. Sunpro called me quickly. In no time, they came to check out my property and gave me a free quote,” he said.

“The Sunpro Rep was awesome to work with,” Mr. Gregory said of his Sunpro Solar Specialist, Joshua Hill. “He wasn’t pushy, and he didn’t have that salese-y salesman attitude. He was more like ‘Hey, let’s see what we can do. Let’s show you how much you’re going to save and then let you make the best decision for you.’”

Getting Paid For Referrals

Since going solar, Mr. Gregory gets to pass on the benefits of solar energy to his own friends and family via the Sunpro Solar Referral App.

“By telling my family and friends about my solar panels and adding those who seem interested into the app, I’ve made hundreds of dollars.”

To date, several people have signed up for solar thanks to him.

With the Sunpro Solar Referral App, the more you grow your network, the more unlimited referral earning you can enjoy. Simply add your friends into the app, and you’ll get $35 for referring them, then $1,000 more should they go solar!

Even More Benefits of Going Solar

Since going solar, Mr. Gregory has found additional ways to save thanks to his home solar panel system. Every month he enjoys the perks of net metering which offsets his monthly bill even more. When his solar system overproduces energy, his utility company gives him energy credits on his future bills. When he builds up these credits with his electricity company, he’s able to use them at a time when his panel system might not produce as much energy such as the winter, night, or during weather events.

He told us he was able to take advantage of the Federal Solar Tax Credit (or ITC) which gave him a 30% tax credit on his whole home solar system. This will be a nice break on his taxes for Mr. Gregory come April.

He told us he’s been enjoying his solar panels since mid-March of 2021 and is currently experiencing his first summer with them.

“I am already noticing savings on my electricity bill during these months that are notorious for high energy consumption leading to high energy bills.”

What Are Your Future Plans?

“It seems like to me when the wind blows my electricity company will go out,” he said.

“There’s nothing worse than not being able to rely on your electricity grid when you need it most.”

For large-scale weather events and power outages, he currently utilizes a camper with a generator. But generators have many cons when they’re relied upon for disaster situations.
Therefore, told us on the horizon he plans to add an accompanying battery system for his solar panels.
By having a battery with his home solar system, he would be able to stay in his home during storms and keep power running throughout thanks to his storage.

So, Are Solar Panels Worth It?

He says, absolutely.

With the 38 panel system Mr. Gregory has, he achieves anywhere from 72-75% offset to his electric bill, and has even experienced days over 80%. He says solar has definitely been worth it for the monthly savings as well as peace of mind during disasters.

When The Product Is So Good, You Join The Team

Mr. Gregory is one of the many people who loved his solar panel system so much and had such a great experience with Sunpro Solar that it made him want to join the Sunpro Team! The solar industry is hot right now and it continues to grow every year. And it just makes sense when clean energy jobs can pay up to 25% more than the median wage. When you believe in a product, it’s easy to make a living around it. We guess you could say that going solar changed Mr. Gregory’s life in more ways than one. Interested in a career with us?

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