Q & A’s with a Sunpro Solar Referral App Success Story

solar app success story

The Sunpro Solar Referral App is a unique solar app that makes it easy to get extra cash just by adding qualified friends. But just how easy is it to use and is it all that it promises to be? To answer these questions, we interviewed Gage Mueller, a homeowner in Texas who went solar in 2017.

“If I find something I believe in, I become your biggest advocate,” says Gage.

Gage had been interested in solar for years before he had solar panels installed on his home. He was tired of paying the electric company every month and wanted to find a way out. One day he was walking through his neighborhood and his eyes caught a roofline with solar panels installed. He followed the ‘solar’ and had his first conversation about switching to clean energy.

He was excited to find renewable energy as an alternative because he had been looking for a way to ditch his electric company for years. From there he joined a Solarized Houston Group who vets solar companies and that’s how he found Sunpro Solar.

After he went solar, he couldn’t stop talking about it so when Sunpro launched their referral app in August 2018, he was ready to jump on board.

“If I believe in something, I want to flood the world with [information about] it.” Says Gage.

All he had to do was add the people he was having those conversations with into the Sunpro Referral App, and he was making money in no time.

As of to date, Gage has made over $8000 from referrals he added to the app. Just by entering his qualified friends who were homeowners and curious about solar. Wondering how he was able to make so much using the Sunpro Solar app? We asked him a few questions to find out some of his secrets to success.

Q & A about the Sunpro Solar Referral App

Why are you a solar advocate?

At first I was just motivated to get rid of my electric company but since going solar and living the life, I’ve learned a lot about green energy and the benefits it has on the environment. Now living as green as possible is just part of my lifestyle.

Can you share with us a few tips?

I surf the social media sites for leads, people asking questions in groups about solar, and then I let them know I’m a homeowner with experience so I can answer their questions about it.

I also like to host ‘solar socials’ at my house. I invite a bunch of people I don’t know from my neighborhood. I offer them coffee and breakfast and bring in a sales rep from Sunpro Solar so if anyone is interested, they can sign up right then.

How do you get people interested?

I just talk to them about the benefits I’ve seen of going solar, the things I’ve learned along the way, and answer any questions they have. And then, I do the math for them so they can see for themselves. That’s usually when they decide to go solar.

What’s your pitch?

I don’t give them a pitch. I tell them this is educational, and give them information on what it’s like to switch to solar energy from a homeowners’ perspective.

What’s your favorite thing about the referral app? 

I like the fact you can see who you put into and then how much money you’ve made from each referral. It’s nice because you don’t need to do anything else and [if someone goes solar] then boom, there is money in your account.

Final thoughts?

One of the things I like to tell homeowners I’ve talked to is that the electric companies aren’t knocking on your door to let you know how much money they’re going to charge you over 10 years. We may be knocking on your door to sell you solar energy, but we’re completely upfront about how much you’re going to pay for your system and installation. And how much you’re going to save in the long run.

What is the Sunpro Solar Referral App ?

A mobile version of a customer referral program, our new mobile app is designed to make the process of sending referrals and adding people to your network simple.

Start earning a referral app bonus right away, no strings attached. All you have to do is enter your friend’s contact info into the app.

Once they decide to use us for their roofing or solar needs, you will be alerted so you know each time you receive a reward and get paid.

For more information on benefits read here.

How to Sign Up

Download the Sunpro Solar Referral App from iTunes or Google play store. Easy!

referral app earn money

For more information and step-by-step read here.

To read FAQs about the Sunpro Solar referral app read here.


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