LG 380s: the Best Looking Solar Panels Yet

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Interested in solar panels, but don’t know where to turn? There’s so many things to consider when you decide to invest in solar panels – design, technology, and the list goes on and on. But you probably not only want the most efficient, but also the best looking solar panels on your roof. That means deciding on top-tier solar energy… and choosing the solar panels offered by LG.

The latest in solar technology, the LG 380s, are the hottest panels in the game. They bring the look and style to your rooftop, while providing your home with a reliable stream of clean energy. But more on that later.

An easy answer to all of your problems would be to consult a Solar Energy Specialist to learn all about the benefits of solar energy. When researching for your next set of solar panels, be on the lookout for the following features:

Keep on reading to find out what to look for in the best solar panels for your home.

How to Spot the Best Looking Solar Panels3D picture of home with solar panels on roof

The best looking solar panels have to come with everything your home requires. You want to make sure you’re choosing one of the top brands for efficiency. These are the kinds of panels that can harness as much solar energy during your home’s sun peak hours as possible.

With that being said, there’s a lot that goes into choosing the right solar panels. Let’s look at some of the criteria for what we consider the hottest solar panels on the market.

The Perfect Solar Panel Design

When considering solar panel design, you might think this largely has to do with the appearance of your panels. Well, that’s partially true. The look of your solar panels will say a lot about your home and a sleek, modern design could accentuate your curb appeal. But that’s only half the story. A lot goes into the design of your solar panel system. Consider the following:

Roof Aesthetic

What type of roof is best for solar panels? From the type of shingles you have, to the actual placement of the panels to get the most sun production, selecting the best looking solar panels for your roof is serious business. However, this section is all about the razzle dazzle that a brand new set of solar panels could bring to your home.

There are so many unique solar panels installations, but you want the perfect ones for your home. Therefore, it’s a great idea to choose a versatile set of solar panels that can suit the aesthetic of any home. For instance, the LD 380s have actually formulated an aesthetically appealing design that complements clean energy well. With thin wiring, these panels appear all black from a distance. These panels are attractive and the perfect addition to a modern-styled home.

Access to Sun Peak Hours

It matters where you position the solar panels on your roof. While every day can’t be a sunny day, solar panels actually generate electricity pretty well in less than favorable weather conditions. Check out how solar panels can still harness solar energy on cloudy days. When configuring the perfect solar panel design for your roof, it’s important to understand how much access to sunlight your panels will be getting. Also, note the amount of shade your roof gets could play a role in your energy production.

It’s not uncommon for the place where your panels are installed is the most visible place on your roof. So, you want the best looking solar panels to pair with the look of your home. Learn how to read your electricity bill for reference. This can be a guide to understanding how much solar energy you’ll need to power your home.

However, you don’t have to worry about where the panels should go. It’s one of the many things you’ll discuss during a consultation with a professional. Schedule your free consultation today, and find out the best position to place your solar panels for maximum power generation. Or, check out this crash course on how solar panels work to determine which design best suits your home.

The Latest Solar Panel TechnologyLG solar panel

The future is solar! Dating back to ancient civilizations, human beings have always been seeking new, more innovative ways to harness solar energy. We’ve even explored space based solar! Solar panels manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to better absorb rays from the sun and generate clean electricity. This will give homeowners not only the best looking solar panels out there, but also the most efficient. Let’s take a look at the latest solar panel technology from LG. Here’s a breakdown of what these panels could bring to your solar system:

Improved Temperature Coefficient

The latest solar panel technology should have an increased temperature coefficient. The temperature coefficient is the percentage of power output that is lost when temperatures rise above 77°F or 25°C, which is the industry standard.

If you want to maximize the output of your solar panels, here’s a good rule of thumb:

The lower the coefficient, the better your panels will perform.

Typically, solar panels will generate less electricity after surpassing 77°F. Most solar panels have a temperature coefficient of around -0.3% / °C to -0.5% / °C. The LG 380, complete with LG NeON® 2 technology, could actually perform better on hotter days. This line provides a low temperature coefficient of -0.36%/°C Pmax, which means that for every 1°C above 25°C, the panels will decrease in efficiency by -0.36%. Subsequently, LG 380s could continue to generate electricity in spite of increased temperatures. But don’t let all this hubbub turn you around, schedule your free consultation today, and let the professionals figure it out.

Enhanced Cello Technology

LG’s cello technology is all about solar panel structure. With an increased and reliable power output, cello technology fortifies LG solar panels in a sleek, modern design. This sophistication creates a better look for solar panels without sacrificing energy efficiency. That means the LG 380s are space-efficient solar panels often require less panels to get the job done and take up less space.

Here are some of the ways cello technology is making LG 380s a game changer:

  • Thin wires of this design allow for more pathways for photons to enter the solar panels.
  • Circular wiring distributes the light within the solar panels to allow them to absorb more.
  • Double-sided cells absorb sunlight from the front and back panels.
Module Efficiency

Design meets purpose with the new LG 380 solar panels. It’s important that the best looking solar panels are made from high quality materials that will enhance its power output. Let’s take a look at efficiency.

Solar panel efficiency is basically how well a solar panel can capture sunlight and convert it to electricity. With the LG Neon 2 BiFacial module, these solar panels can perform absorption of the front and rear with a transparent back sheet. The LG 380 has a module efficiency of 21%. For home solar systems, this level of efficiency is perfect because it can increase your panels’ ability to maintain solar energy production during any time of day.

Beyond the Warranty
Sunpro installer carrying a solar panel

A warranty is the perfect safety net for all of your home investments. It’s a commitment from your manufacturer that you’re getting industry-grade materials and a product they believe in. The LG 380 solar panels come with three jam packed LG warranties. Let’s take a closer look.

  • Performance Warranty – According to LG, the LG NeON® 2 is guaranteed at least 90.6% of initial performance after 25 years. While all solar panels can degrade in efficiency over time, this warranty secures optimal performance for longer.
  • Product Warranty – The 380s and all LG solar panels are backed by a 25-year limited product warranty. LG quality control specialists ensure the completion of countless testing and research to deliver a reliable product.
  • Labor Warranty – This warranty covers up to $450 of the labor costs in the event that a module needs to be repaired or replaced.

LG 380s: One of the Best Looking Solar Panels on the Market

I spy with my little eye…the best looking solar panels yet! Enter the latest solar panel technology with the new LG 380s. The LG 380s combine thinner wiring with increased production, making it one of the best looking solar panels with high performance.

For more information, contact your local Solar Energy Specialist today!

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