Largest Texas Solar Farm Yet is Halfway Complete

texas solar farm

As solar energy becomes more and more popular every day, it’s becoming common to see solar panels installed on the tops of houses and buildings. And solar panel farms are being installed all over the place by large corporations to power their operations. In Texas, solar farms are quickly becoming as common as residential solar panels. That’s because large companies realize that with renewable energy comes big benefits. Aside from the substantial savings from lowered electric bills, Texas solar farms also help keep the environment clean and healthy. Enel Green Power North America, a subsidiary of Enel Group, is taking full advantage of both these perks.

Enel Green is currently in the process of building a new Texas solar farm, called the Roadrunner solar project. Construction began in February of 2019, and when fully completed, will have a generation capacity of nearly 500 MW. The solar farm will be so large that construction is split into two phases. The first phase, recently completed, consists of 252 MW of solar panels. The second phase, expected to be complete by late 2020, will have a generation capacity of 245 MW. When fully completed, Roadrunner will be the largest Texas solar farm constructed. And that electricity will be used to help other companies use green power as well.

Mondelez International, whose portfolio includes tasty snacks such as Oreos, Triscuits, and Chips Ahoy! has already entered into a Power Purchase Agreement with Enel for 65 MW. The Clorox Company has done the same, and will be receiving 70 MW of electricity once construction is completed.

“This milestone emphasizes the scale of Enel Green Power’s capacity to develop, build and operate projects across diverse geographies and technologies in the US,” said Georgios Papadimitrou, Head of Enel Green Power North America. “We continue to aggressively pursue opportunities for growth in North America, capitalizing on strong C&I demand for sustainable power and accelerating the transition to a carbon-free economy.”

“The US market is rich with opportunities for growth and has an increasing appetite for sustainable electricity,” said Papadimitrou. “Projects like Roadrunner demonstrate our ability to capitalize on this trend, while boosting the diversity of the business both geographically and technologically.”

He’s certainly correct that renewable energy has become incredibly popular. Just like in Texas, solar farms are popping up all over the nation. Big companies are switching to green, clean energy like solar power to run their operations, and it’s a trend that won’t be going anywhere any time soon.

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