A Little Rock, Paper, Scissors: The Choice to Go Solar in Little Rock, Arkansas

When it comes to choosing solar, there’s no need to leave the decision up to chance. Little Rock solar power dominates any paper, scissors game to go solar. That’s why “The Natural State” has made the ultimate decision to choose our big rock in the sky for their energy generation. Can we blame them? The sun is shining brightly in the state of Arkansas!

With new solar infrastructure, Little Rock solar power is next level. Dirty fossil fuel energy will soon be out the door! Every day, people are becoming educated about the environmental impact of a cleaner way to generate energy. As a result, the future is steadily becoming solar. We’re seeking renewable ways to power our businesses, homes, transportation and more. Moreover, solar power reaches back through ancient times! It isn’t lost on anyone that Earth’s best bet for consistent, sustainable, and pollution-free energy lies with that big ball in the sky.

While there’s tons of ways to use the sun, cities all over the U.S are pursuing 100% renewable energy goals for the years to come. And homeowners are learning about the ways solar can save you bunches when you push back on dirty fossil fuels. Little Rock is yet another trailblazer when it comes to solar expansion.

Let’s take a look at some of the super solar changes headed to Little Rock.

Little Rock Solar Explosion

With a new infrastructure bill on the horizon, it seems city officials are leaning more and more towards renewable energy as their main power source. There’s a solar boom in Arkansas, especially, and it’s kind of a big deal. With an estimated annual savings of about $2000 a year, there’s no wonder the Arkansas capital, Little Rock, is going solar.

90% Solar Power? Yes, You Read That Right…

Pulaski County, Arkansas, is getting serious about their sun. The county has approved a commission for a massive solar array with 14,000 solar panels, spanning over 30 acres. Talk about a real blast off towards the sun! This new solar array will have the capacity to generate over 1,000 kilowatts of clean, solar energy for the county.

It will combine the energy it generates with the already completed 756-panel solar array to power 90% of the county government facilities. The Arkansas Renewable Energy Development Act supported the approval of this project. As a result, residents of Arkansas can expect to see more improvements like this one. Currently, the state ranks 30th in solar installation, but with these changes, they’re on the steady climb up the list.

Loading…Savings…Headed Your Way

With the addition of the new solar array, Pulaski County can tap into a few of the savings that solar provides. Let’s breakdown a few great aspects of this new development:

  • Save the Planet, Captain Solar: With this decision, the county will be able to offset almost 4,000 tons of greenhouse-gas emissions. This will definitely tip the scales in favor of renewable energy production. Plus, there are so many environmental benefits of going solar. It seamlessly assists Arkansas in achieving their goal of a carbon-free power sector by 2035.
  • Save the Coins with Solar Power: Through a process called net metering and a fixed price charged from the utility company, the local government could save an estimated $77,300 with solar. According to Pulaski County Judge Barry Hyde, the county plans to “…divert funds to more impactful services such as youth services, emergency management, or public works.” We love to see it, Little Rock!

As it stands, solar savings aren’t just limited to the bigger projects happening in Little Rock. There are loads of potential savings in your home solar costs as well.

The solar takeover doesn’t stop there. Keep reading and check out some of the other cool innovations happening with solar.

Solar Projects Galore!

The Little Rock solar movement is slowly changing the game. With about 217 days of sun in Arkansas, it’s no wonder why solar has become the premium choice for energy. Consequently, there are so many great uses for solar sprouting up all over the city of Little Rock. Shall we shine a light on a few?

Solar + Water = A Beautiful, Natural Combo

North Little Rock’s Wastewater Utility has welcomed a new 850 KW solar array into their power infrastructure. This facility generates energy for about 42,000 residents in the North Little Rock, Maumelle, and Sherwood area.

In its first year of operation, the array could produce over 1,400,000 kWh of electricity. This would save the county about $26,000 and reducing the carbon emissions by over 28,000 metric tons.

A Nonprofit Goes Renewable

The Little Rock Audubon Center has made the everlasting choice to go solar. As a facility that caters to the needs of the wildlife at its facility, Audubon’s decision to go solar was comprehensive. They have direct ties to the preservation of the environment, so a desire to reduce its carbon footprint was obvious.

Coincidentally, the new solar system in Little Rock has helped Audubon become the first nonprofit organization to run entirely off of renewable energy. Through the addition of a 35 KW solar array, the center’s entire demand for electricity has been met.

The facility will not only drastically reduce carbon emissions, but also provide extensive solar education through its Solar Learning Lab. The center aims to provide an immersive learning experience about solar technology and provide resources on solar innovation for interested visitors. If you’re interested in teaching your kids about solar energy, here’s a great resource to help you do just that.

Solar Pushing Back

Renewable energy is the way of the future, but many energy companies are not on board. Homeowners and business owners alike are tired of the unpredictable power grid. They’re deciding to take their power back by seeking out solar options and the local government has taken notice.

Entergy Arkansas has been pushed to actively pursue cleaner power generation. The utility powerhouse aims to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. The sun-powered steps forward are as a result of the litigation between Entergy and the Sierra Club and the National Parks Conservation Association. As it stands, the company is offering its customers the Entergy Arkansas’ Solar Energy Option. Basically, this program provides Renewable Energy Credits (or RECs) to consumers who aren’t involved in the company’s net metering program.

In addition to these efforts, Entergy Arkansas is also developing the Walter Bend Project. This new 100-megawatt solar array will be spread out across 1,200 acres in Lee County. It will produce electricity by increasing the reliability of power generation and decreasing the pollution emitted.

For more information about the program or other resources available to you, contact one of our Solar Energy Specialists!

Choose A Cleaner Future Through Solar

It’s not a game of rock, paper, scissors! The expansion of solar in the public and private sectors around Little Rock means no one is leaving the choice to go solar up to chance. Residents of Little Rock can act now to take advantage of the many opportunities solar has to offer. From net metering programs through Entergy to commitments from local officials about making the environment better, solar is steadily becoming a new way of life in Little Rock.

There are so many benefits to home solar, from financial incentives to an increased home value. If you’re ready to make an impact on the planet and your budget, contact a Solar Energy Specialist today.

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