Entergy New Orleans Offers Solar Panels at No Cost

Entergy New Orleans Solar

The city of New Orleans, Louisiana has plenty of reasons for residents to go solar. With the Federal Solar Tax Credit still available at 30% through the rest of 2019, and local incentives such as property tax exemptions for solar panels, more Louisianians are making the switch to solar every day. People everywhere seem to be realizing that solar energy is a great thing, and installing solar panels is more affordable than ever. And as evidenced by the new Entergy New Orleans solar program, utility companies are joining in, too.

This Entergy New Orleans solar program is a bit different from most solar programs implemented by utility companies. Usually they will create a rebate program to help people pay for the cost of going solar. Entergy New Orleans is instead footing the entire bill themselves. The solar panels will be paid for, and maintained by Entergy New Orleans. In addition, the Entergy New Orleans solar program is also going to give the customers whose homes are chosen a $30 credit on their energy bills each month. However, Entergy can remove the solar panels within 90 days notice at any point.

Solar panels will be installed on homes of qualifying low-to-moderate-income residents. In addition to the income requirements, the residents must also be customers of Entergy, own their own home, live there full time, and have a roof in good condition. The Entergy New Orleans solar program is aimed at increasing the use of renewable energy, and to help customers save money on their electric bill.

This program, called the Residential Rooftop Solar Program, is a pilot program, and is being kept relatively small at the moment. Solar panels will be installed on only 100 homes to start with. Entergy New Orleans has been under increased pressure from the New Orleans City Council to increase renewable energy usage, including solar power. Entergy has respected these wishes by looking into opportunities to be more green, including this new Entergy New Orleans solar program. With any luck, the program will be a great success, and will not only encourage Entergy New Orleans, but also its customers to invest in solar.

The president and CEO of Entergy New Orleans, David Ellis, said “This program is as important as it is innovative for a sustainable energy future for New Orleans. We want to thank our customers for coming along on this journey with us as we continue to build the utility of the future.”

Entergy New Orleans Pilots Residential Rooftop Solar Program from Entergy on Vimeo.

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