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ADT Solar: Trusted El Paso Solar Company

If you want to go green and save some money while you’re at it, switching your home to solar power is the way to go. El Paso is one of the sunniest cities in the US, making it one of the best places to install solar panels in your home. With the energy potential from a limitless amount of sunlight, you can finally be in control of your electric bills with home solar.

ADT Solar, a trusted El Paso solar company, is the preferred choice for residents who want a solar panel installation in their homes. An efficient solar panel system will not only produce reliable, renewable power that can offset your electric bills, but it also reduces environmental impact by producing clean electricity.

Solar panels have become very popular across the state of Texas, and they are a great way to help preserve El Paso’s natural beauty. Furthermore, there are great financial incentives to help get your El Paso solar panels!

Are Solar Panels in El Paso Worth it

Solar panels are a great investment if you live in Texas, as you may have noticed you get some of the most sunshine in the entire country. In addition, soaring electricity prices may have you looking for alternative energy sources and independence from the grid. Wondering if going solar is right for you? Take a look at this video that explains it all.

Cost of Solar Panels in El Paso

Determining the cost of solar panels depends on various factors including the size of the solar array, your home’s sunshine exposure, typical energy consumption, and of course your personal energy and savings goals. A knowledgeable Solar Sales Specialist can provide you with an accurate estimate for your home for free while answering all your questions.

When it comes to purchasing solar panels, Texas is a great state to go solar thanks to the abundance of sunshine and the number of incentives available to Texas residents. Keep reading below to find out all the generous solar incentives that will make the switch to solar much more affordable.

El Paso Solar Incentives, Tax Credits, & Rebates

If you’re wondering what solar incentives are available for El Paso residents, we’ve compiled a list for your convenience. These incentives make going solar in Texas easy and affordable for everybody. If you have any questions on how these incentives can lower your cost for solar panels, be sure to ask one of our solar specialists. For now, let’s go over the incentives for homeowners in El Paso:

Federal Tax Credits for El Paso Solar Panels

It is fortunate that El Paso is located in one of the few states in the country that does not have a state income tax. This also means there are no state income tax incentives offered by the Texas government. However, all residents are eligible for the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit! Read more about the Solar Tax Credit.

Anyone who purchases a solar panel system and has it installed in their home is eligible for this tax credit. The federal solar tax credit is for 30% of the total cost of the solar panel system. Any tax credit not used will also be rolled over to the next year, up to five years.

This 30% income tax credit on your total solar costs seems like a no-brainer, right? Furthermore, this credit is available to both homeowners and business owners. So call us today to take advantage of the federal tax credit!

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El Paso Solar Panels Property Tax Exemption

Installing a rooftop solar panel system can also increase your home value by up to 20 times your annual electricity bill. While some states will make you pay increased property taxes, Texas is not one of those states. As a result, you will realize the value appreciation of your solar panel installation without the burden of increased property taxes!

Texas Solar Rights Laws

Want solar panels, but are afraid your Homeowners Association will say no? No problem! In Texas, HOAs cannot prevent people from purchasing solar panels for their homes. In other states, HOA’s can dictate where you can place your panels, or what kind you can get, or if you can even get solar panels at all! But in El Paso, you don’t have to worry about any of that. You can purchase and install El Paso solar panels without worrying about your HOA.

El Paso Electric Net Metering

While Texas does not have a state-wide net metering law, many utility companies with solar customers offer this. If your solar panel system is connected to the grid, you can receive credit for any excess energy your solar panels produce. This helps reduce your monthly electric bill, thus increasing your savings. ADT Solar will work with your utility company to meet all requirements and procedures for net metering.

El Paso Electric Co. offers net metering for customers with solar panels. In addition, El Paso Electric also offers buyback for customers with solar.

El Paso Electric Company Net Metering

 Utility Company Buyback Program kW Limits
El Paso Electric $0.02 cents per kWh credit for every kilowatt-hour produced by solar panel system. Once credit has reached $50, a check will be issued to you. To be eligible, your solar panel system output cannot exceed your power consumption from the previous year.

Protect Your Home in El Paso from Power Outages

Another great advantage to going solar is independence from the grid. This means you’ll protect your home from power outages due to maintenance or catastrophic events. You’ll also protect yourself from future rising electricity costs. However, your home will only have independence from the grid with a solar battery backup like the Tesla Powerwall or the Enphase Encharge.

Read more: Is the Tesla Powerwall Worth It?

El Paso Solar Panel Installation: ADT Solar

ADT Solar is a trusted solar company in El Paso and is the largest residential solar installer in Texas. Since ADT Solar has thousands of happy customers in the Lone Star State, you can expect extraordinary customer service. Built on a solid reputation, ADT Solar installs quality solar panels by a team of expert installers and is an excellent El Paso solar company. We offer the best warranty you can count on.

25 Years Guarantee and Warranty in:

Finally, ADT Solar conducts a free home energy audit to help you save more electricity and money. A whole house energy efficiency upgrade may be offered or included with your solar system.

We operate in El Paso, Dallas, HoustonSan AntonioAustin and many other locations around the US.

Solar Story in El Paso

Especially relevant is this story of two brothers who gave their mom the gift of solar, and financial freedom.

ADT Solar services the greater El Paso area, including Socorro, Las Cruces, and more. We offer turnkey solar solutions so that you can get your El Paso solar panels without having to worry about a thing. Contact us today to learn more!

Legal Disclaimer

*Tax and credits or incentives including those provided by federal, state, or local governments may change or end. This can impact the amount of money you might save. Consult a tax professional to understand any tax liability or eligibility for any tax credits that may result from the purchase of your solar system.

**If you have taxable income and own the system, you may qualify for the federal investment tax credit (ITC). It is your responsibility to determine your eligibility and to apply. Consult a qualified tax professional for assistance and details.