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ADT Solar: Trusted Solar Panel Installation in Fayetteville, NC

Home solar power in North Carolina has been expanding lately thanks to a combination of federal, state, and local solar power incentives. Finding the right solar installer in Fayetteville NC may be overwhelming, but ADT Solar, a top rated solar company has you covered. ADT Solar has a reputation for providing quality service and in 2021 Solar Power World ranked ADT Solar (formerly Sunpro Solar) #2 for Top Residential Solar Installer in the United States. Let’s go through some of the most important things to be aware of when choosing a solar panel installer.

Fayetteville NC Solar Panels

Fayetteville NC has plenty going for it including the home of Fort Bragg, but one thing you may not have realized is that North Carolina is actually the 3rd most popular state for solar energy in the entire country! That’s right, solar power is growing rapidly in your town, and there’s good reason for it. Switching to solar energy not only helps the environment, but it also helps you save money on energy. How’s that for a win-win! Additionally, it’s easier and more affordable than ever to go solar with all the great incentives available to you. Keep reading to find out more.

Fayetteville Solar Incentives and Rebates

North Carolina has made state-wide policies to promote solar energy to more homes and businesses. Take advantage of North Carolina’s solar incentives such as the 26% federal tax credit, net metering, and local utility solar rebates.

Let’s go through all the incentives available to you in Fayetteville:

Federal Solar Tax Credit

When you decide to invest in something big, like North Carolina solar panels, of course, you want to do it for the best deal available. And the best incentive of all is offered by the federal government. It’s obvious that renewable energy systems such as solar panels are the future of energy generation. To help people install solar panels, they are offering a 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit to help cover a portion of the total cost of your solar panels*, depending on if you’re eligible, of course.

Let’s use an example. Say you purchased a new solar panel system, and the total cost was $18,000. If you took advantage of this incentive, you would get 30% of that cost back in tax credits. In this case, that would be $5,400, which would reduce the actual cost of your solar panels to $12,600. You could use that tax credit towards your tax liability for that year. And if you don’t use it all one year, it just rolls right over to the next. This tax credit has helped many people go solar in North Carolina, and you may be eligible to do the same!*

Net Metering for Fayetteville Solar Panels

Solar panels save you money each month, thanks to the electricity they produce and keep the environment clean and pristine. There’s also another great way to get the most out of your solar panel system called net metering.

Net metering a system in which you sell any excess electricity produced by your solar panels to your utility company. They will then credit your account for this energy, which reduces your monthly bill even further. Currently, the following utility companies offer net metering. Many municipal utilities and electric co-ops offer net metering as well. Please note that the requirements below are all handled on your behalf by ADT Solar. They are simply listed for your knowledge.

Utility Company Requirements Notes
Duke Energy
  • The owner of the system must be a customer of Duke Energy.
  • The system must be installed and operated in accordance with all governmental and industry standards.
Duke Energy Progress
  • The owner of the system must be a customer of Duke Energy Progress.
  • The capacity of the solar energy system cannot exceed the lesser of the customer’s estimated maximum annual kilowatt demand, or 1,000 kilowatts.
  • The system must be installed and operated in accordance with all governmental and industry standards.
  • The owner of the system must be a customer of Dominion Energy.
  • The system must be installed and operated in accordance with all governmental and industry standards.
  • The owner of the system will receive a credit to their account at the retail rate for electricity.

North Carolina Solar Rebates

As if the Federal Solar Tax Credit and net metering weren’t good enough incentives, there’s another one you can take advantage of! If you’re a customer of Duke Energy or Duke Energy Progress, you may qualify for their North Carolina Solar Rebate Program. If you do qualify, you could get a rebate of $.0.60 per watt! Solar energy systems of 10 kW or less are eligible for a maximum rebate of $6,000.

Aside from the program being first-come, first-serve, there are only a few requirements. The customer must:

  • Complete and submit their Solar Rebate Application within 90 days of installing their solar panel system.
  • Complete and submit any other required documentation.
  • Qualify for Net Metering.
  • Retain service under the rider for a minimum of ten years from the date of the initial participation.
  • Own or lease the PV systems installed on their property.
  • The customer may apply to the program prior to the installation of the system, in which case a written guarantee will be provided to reserve the rebate for the owner.
    • The installation must be completed no later than December 31st of the application year for residential customers.
    • For commercial customers, their systems must be installed no later than one year from the date of an executed interconnection agreement by the company.

Solar Panels Rebate in Fayetteville, NC for Duke Energy Progress Customers

To encourage more of their customers to make the switch to renewable energy by installing solar panels, Duke Energy Progress is offering a rebate program to help cover the cost.

Duke Energy Progress and other utility companies in North Carolina are starting to see the benefits of more customers switching to solar. The impact is so positive, that rebates like this only make the decision to go solar even better.

Here are some things to note about the Duke Energy Progress Rebate:

Requirements Notes
  • The owner of the system must be a customer of Duke Energy Progress.
  • Residential systems must be equal to or less than 10 kW in capacity to be eligible.
  • The owner of the system must complete and submit all required documentation.
  • The system must meet all state and national safety and operational standards.
  • Duke Energy Progress rebate is a first-come, first-serve program.
  • Residential customers are eligible for a $0.60 per watt rebate, up to a maximum of $6,000.
  • Nonresidential customers are eligible for $0.50 per watt rebate up to $50,000.
  • Nonprofit customers, such as churches and schools, are eligible for an enhanced rebate of $0.75 per watt for systems of 100 kW or less up to $75,000.

Property Tax Exemption for Fayetteville Solar Panels

When you install solar panels on your home, your property value increases. This is yet another great perk of installing solar panels! However, you may be concerned that this added value will also add to your property taxes. But don’t worry. The North Carolina government has decreed that 80% of the value of your solar panels is exempt from property taxes. The added value to your home will give you more sellers power should you ever need to move and are unable to take your solar panels with you.

Solar Panel Installation: How to Choose a Solar Company in Fayetteville NC

Choosing between solar contractors and solar professionals in your area can be intimidating, which is why it’s helpful to remember the three most important tips when choosing a solar solar panel installation fayetteville ncpanel company.

  1. Make sure the company you’re choosing has warranties in place. Not only on the labor, but products as well. That way you know you and your investment are protected in the years to come.
  2. Read reviews about the company you’re choosing. While you’ll see a bad review here and there (just the nature of open reviews), make sure a large majority of the reviews aren’t negative and stating the same problems over and over. That’s a clear indicator of a company to stay clear of, no matter how well known their name is.
  3. Choose a reputable company that’s been in the game for awhile. Again, this way you know who is the best fit. Also, you’ll have confidence knowing that your solar company will be around longer than the lifespan of your solar power installation.

ADT Solar, Trusted Fayetteville NC Solar Installation Company

ADT Solar has been installing solar panels for over ten years. Our technicians are experienced and licensed, our solar panels come from the highest quality solar panel brands and our inverters are from Enphase.

With each installation also comes:

  • Our 25-year Production Guarantee
  • Our 25-year Labor Warranty
  • A FREE Energy Audit to make sure you see maximum savings.

At ADT Solar, we pride ourselves on offering nothing less than the best service to our customers. We offer stress-free, turnkey solutions so that you get all the benefits of going solar without having to worry about a thing. We service the greater Fayetteville, Raleigh, and Winston-Salem areas. Contact us today to learn more!

Legal Disclaimer

*Tax and credits or incentives including those provided by federal, state, or local governments may change or end. This can impact the amount of money you might save. Consult a tax professional to understand any tax liability or eligibility for any tax credits that may result from the purchase of your solar system.

**If you have taxable income and own the system, you may qualify for the federal investment tax credit (ITC). It is your responsibility to determine your eligibility and to apply. Consult a qualified tax professional for assistance and details.