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Why Go Solar in Nebraska?

Nebraska has plenty of sunshine that keeps its crops growing. In fact, Nebraska is listed as one of the top 20 states with the most sunshine according to the NREL sun index. Now, what to do with all that extra sunshine?

Free Solar QuoteIf you’re a homeowner, there’s no better time to turn that sunshine into savings by going solar. Wondering why you should switch to clean green energy instead of relying on fossil fuels the electric companies are offering up? There are lots of great reasons people are choosing to go solar across the state of Nebraska including environmental concerns and increased home value.

  • Environmental Concerns – As concern about the environment grows, people are looking for ways to reduce their impact on their surroundings. You can decrease your carbon footprint while increasing self-sufficiency by installing solar panels on your home.
  • Decreasing Costs – The costs of solar panel installations have come down significantly. There are plenty of ways to switch to green energy for your home that works for your budget. Our sales reps are trained to help you make sense of it all and help you figure out a plan that works for your specific needs.
  • Solar Technology Improvements – Solar technology has made huge strides in efficiency and longevity too! More efficient solar panels mean that each square foot of solar panel can produce even more solar power. This is extremely important for rooftop installations with limited space for solar panels.
  • Improved Home Value – A solar panel system does more than lower or eliminate your electric bill, it is also an asset that increases your home’s value!
  • Tax Credits – The federal government gives out a significant tax credit for those who install solar panels to their home. Through the end of 2022 the tax credit will be 26%, but in 2023 it will be decreased to 22%.
  • Solar Powered Battery Storage – Since there is plenty of extra sunshine in Nebraska, sometimes your solar panels will produce more than your home even needs! Solar energy batteries, like the Tesla Powerwall, will take that extra solar power and store it for you to use later. So even when the sun goes down, your home can run on clean, green energy.

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Nebraska Solar Power Incentives

Nebraska also has some pretty great incentives for going solar, including:

Net Metering for Solar in Nebraska

Another great way to get the most out of your solar panel system is something called net metering. Net metering is a system in which you sell any excess electricity produced by your solar panels to your utility company. They will then credit your account for this energy, which reduces your monthly bill even further. Currently, the following utility companies in Nebraska offer net metering: Omaha Public Power District (OPPD) and LES.

Solar Federal Tax Credit

The Solar Investment Tax Credit offered by the United States federal government is available to Nebraska home and business owners. This incentive provides a 26% tax credit of the entire solar system cost, including a battery system. The solar tax credit will remain at 26% through the end of 2022. In 2023, the Solar Federal Tax Credit for homeowners with solar power will drop to 22%.

So what are you waiting for? Now is the time to reduce or eliminate your electric bill, as well as increase your home value, and reduce your environmental footprint.

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