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Solar Power in New Orleans

Thousands of Louisiana residents in the Big Easy have turned to solar energy to lower their electric bills. That’s because in New Orleans, solar panels are an excellent way to help you increase your long-term savings. As anyone who lives in New Orleans knows, it’s one of the hottest places in the country. Or at least it feels that way in the summer. Solar panels will convert all that sunshine into energy for you to use. When you use less energy from the utility grid, your monthly New Orleans electric bill will decrease dramatically. Good news! Solar panels have become more and more affordable, while at the same time become more and more efficient.

With financing available to help you go solar for $0 down, there’s never been a better time to go solar. ADT Solar is here to help residents of New Orleans get solar panel systems that will help them save big in the Big Easy.

New Orleans homeowners who have solar energy systems also help the environment and keep our historical Crescent City beautiful. With so many Louisiana homeowners adopting solar energy, things are looking greener every day. Choosing to install solar panels is a great decision for your home or business. Or both! Having more savings and making the world a little greener are both wonderful things. And there’s no better place to do it than New Orleans.

New Orleans Solar Savings

As everyone knows, New Orleans has a tendency to be pretty hot in the summertime (and any other time, too). But all that heat does mean one good thing- sunlight. And that sunlight can be transformed into clean, pure, renewable energy with solar panels. And then that energy can help lower your electricity bills, letting you keep more of your savings. That’s especially appealing in the hot New Orlean’s summer when you have to run your air conditioner frequently. And not only does this help you save money, it helps keep the beautiful New Orleans rivers, bayous and forests clean.

There are several solar incentives for New Orleans’ homeowners to help make going solar easy and affordable. These include:

With these programs in place to help you, affordable solar is within your reach. And ADT Solar is here to answer any questions you may have.

New Orleans Solar Tax Credits & Incentives

The solar tax credit is a federal government incentive. It is designed to encourage people to go solar, and helps with the upfront costs. It is also called the Investment Tax Credit (ITC). The ITC allows you to potentially claim 30% of the total cost of your solar energy system, including labor and equipment, as a federal tax credit. This tax credit includes solar batteries as well. And if you don’t use all the tax credits the first year, they roll over to the next tax year.

New Orleans Solar Batteries

By going solar, you can increase your monthly savings substantially! Your New Orleans solar panels will capture sunlight and convert it to clean electricity for your house to use. And sometimes, it will even produce more electricity than your house needs. With solar storage batteries, like the Tesla Powerwall or Enphase Encharge, you can save that extra power and use it later! That means that even at night, your house will be using clean electricity that your solar panels produced earlier that day. So you’ll be using even less electricity from the grid, which will give you greater savings, and also reducing the amount of pollution produced by fossil fuels. You’ll be living green, and saving green.

The Louisiana Home Energy Loan Program (H.E.L.P.)

The Louisiana Department of Natural Resources offers a loan of up to $12,000 for energy efficient improvements. This fantastic program, abbreviated as H.E.L.P., is available to residents of New Orleans. The property in question must, of course, also be in Louisiana. To qualify for this loan, you have two options. You can either have a home energy rating done for your home, or you can choose a pre-approved improvement. If you don’t want to do the energy rating option, the pre-approved list of projects can be found here.

Solar Property Tax Exemption for New Orleans

When you install solar panels on your home, your New Orleans property value increases an average of $15,000. That’s great news for homeowners! Even better news- you don’t have to pay an additional property tax for the increased value!

In New Orleans, you are 100% property tax exempt from the value increase you’ll receive from your solar panel system. So let’s say you install the solar array, but in a few years you need to move. In that case you have that extra sellers power without the taxes. Plus, houses with solar tend to sell faster. That’s a win-win-win situation.

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Solar Rights Act

Good news, New Orleans homeowners! If you’d like to install solar panels, your Homeowner’s Association cannot restrict you. Going solar in New Orleans is easier than ever- especially since you can install your solar panels without needing your HOA’s approval. Skipping this step saves you both time, and headaches.

However, if you live in an historic district, you will need special approval to install solar panels. But not to worry. ADT Solar has experience with this process, and knows the procedure to receive approval. Going solar in New Orleans, even in the historic Garden District, is a breeze with ADT Solar.

There’s a lot of excellent reasons to go solar, but of course there’s lots of questions to ask, too.


New Orleans, Louisiana Solar Company

Founded in Louisiana, ADT Solar is proud to have our corporate headquarters in the Greater New Orleans area. Since the beginning, many of our original projects were located in the city of New Orleans. Now ADT Solar spans across the Gulf South, but we still call New Orleans home. We have NABCEP certified solar installers, and we use high quality solar panels and Enphase micro-inverters for our residential installations. That’s because you deserve only the best.

ADT Solar is one the nation’s leading residential solar companies and the largest Louisiana solar installation company (named #2 top roftop solar installer in the U.S.). With a 25 year labor warranty, 25 year power production guarantee, 25 year solar panel manufacturer warranty, and a 25 year microinverter warranty, there is no doubt why New Orleans’ homeowners are going solar with ADT Solar.

We are committed to providing you with nothing less than the best service and solar products available for New Orleans residents. Across the state of Louisiana and our several locations around the U.S., we install solar panels on both residential and commercial businesses. This includes New Orleans, Metairie, Chalmette, Kenner, Gretna, Algiers, Baton Rouge, and the Northshore area.

ADT Solar services the greater New Orleans area. We offer turnkey solar solutions so that you can get your New Orleans solar panels without having to worry about a thing. Contact us today to learn more!

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