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Solar power is gaining ground in Sioux City. Thanks to Iowa’s favorable renewable energy policies and generous tax incentives, it’s easy to answer the question “are solar panels worth it in Sioux City?” In fact, Sioux City has greater than the national average of sunny days, making it a great place for solar panels. It’s estimated that an average homeowner in Sioux City, Iowa, could save around $7,000 on electric bills by installing solar panels.

A city with the motto “Successful, Surprising, Sioux City.,” this beautiful place in Iowa is primed to take advantage of solar panel systems and gain energy independence from the grid.

Iowa is committed to renewable energy. The state is a leader in wind energy, with more than 40 percent of its total electricity generation coming from the alternative energy source, more than any other state. It makes sense that Iowa is looking to other sources of energy to continue its commitment to renewables and preserve its natural beauty, and solar panel companies like ADT Solar are ready in Sioux City.

Sioux City Iowa Solar Incentives, Tax Credits

Iowa is known for its beneficial policies that help make going solar an easy decision. From statewide Solar Easement Laws to the best net metering fares in the country, Iowa is on the side of solar panel owners.

Examples of Sioux City Solar Power Incentives Include:

Federal Solar Tax Credit

After all of these state tax credits, don’t forget the Federal Tax Credit. This federal solar investment tax credit (or ITC) is a 26 percent tax credit that can be claimed on federal income taxes. The program has been extended to homeowners through 2022, so if you’re thinking about going solar now is the time.

Iowa Solar Easement Laws

All states should make it as easy as Iowa to switch to solar panels. In Iowa, the law is on the side of homeowners and helps break down barriers to going solar. Don’t worry about those pesky Homeowners Associations (HOA’s) attempting to block your home solar panel installation. Solar easement laws in Iowa prevent them from your right to go solar. These laws also protect your investment in your home’s renewable energy by ensuring you’re able to produce solar energy without interference. Homeowners in Iowa are allowed to remove any shade cover that would limit the production of their solar system.

Iowa Renewable Energy Property Tax Exemption

Making improvements to your home such as adding its own source of renewable energy with solar panels is going to greatly increase its value.

Normally, that would mean when assessed, your property taxes would go up accordingly. But if you live in Iowa, the Renewable Energy Property Tax Exemption saves you from having to pay this increased assessment for the five years after your solar panel installation. The savings you’ll make in these five years will do wonders to offset the cost of your solar panel system and prove its worth.

Iowa Sales Tax Exemption

If you’re adding up as you go, you’re likely noticing Iowa is quite favorable on solar tax emotions. But the buck doesn’t stop there. The state of Iowa also offers an added sales tax exemption on the cost of your solar system, including battery.

Iowa offers this incentive to all electrical generating equipment and solar energy equipment is no exception. By switching to solar in Iowa, you’ll save 6 percent off the total price of your solar system.

Iowa Solar Tax Credit

Also known as the Residential Solar Tax Benefit, the Iowa Solar Tax Credit is yet another opportunity for solar-going homeowners in Sioux City. Get 13 percent of the cost of your solar system back on your state income tax if you’re an Iowa resident who’s switched to solar.

So you can factor out an additional credit, up to $5,000 thanks to the Iowa Solar Tax Credit. Commercial businesses can also take advantage of this tax credit, despite the nickname of “Residential Solar Tax Benefit,” Businesses can receive up to $20,000 in tax credits by installing a solar energy system.

Earn Money From Your Solar Panels With Net Metering

Earn money back just by going solar. Net metering is the process that allows you to sell any unused energy your solar panel installation generates back to your utility company. And Iowa is the leader of net metering. Not only were they the first state in the country to enact a net metering program in 1984, but to this day they still have some of the best net metering rates in the country, at up to 110 percent of the energy you use in a year. So why not talk to a Solar Sales Specialist at ADT Solar in Sioux City about taking advantage of net metering?

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Sioux City, Iowa?

Solar panel installation in Sioux City is a great investment. After all of the lucrative solar tax incentives, breaks and rebates, the cost of solar panels in Sioux City can be drastically reduced. Still, many variables factor into the estimated cost of your solar panels. The size of your home, the location, and your energy consumption can all determine the final cost and it’s better to get a free quote from solar company experts. When you schedule a free solar consultation, an ADT Solar Specialist will go through all of these factors with you and present a customized solar panel design that fits the needs of your home.

How to choose a Sioux City solar installer

When it comes to who you’ll trust to handle your solar panel installation in Sioux City, it’s important to weigh your options and choose a solar panel company that works for you and your home. You can trust ADT’s years of experience to get the job done right and for the long hall. Our solar systems last for decades and we offer the strongest warranty in the biz. We’re currently ranked as the 2nd Top Residential Solar Installers in the United States by Solar Power World Magazine. Choose a company that puts customer service at the top of its priority list, just listen to one of our 25,000 happy customers that we’ve helped switch to solar energy!

Why choose ADT Solar?

  • 25 Year Labor Guarantee
  • 25 Year Power Production Guarantee
  • 25 Year Panel Module Performance Guarantee
  • 25 Year Enphase Microinverters Guarantee

Solar Panel Quotes

ADT Solar is happy to provide a free solar quote to those interested in making the switch to solar energy. We’ll handle a free consultation to discover your particular needs and lay out all of your options for you. If you’re a Sioux City, Iowa, resident ready to go solar or have any questions, speak with one of our experienced Solar Sales Specialists today.

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