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Solar Panels in Pasco County, Florida

With nearly 240 average days of sunshine a year, Pasco County, FL is both a great place to live AND a great place to go solar! In fact, Florida is one of the fastest growing states for solar power.

From New Port Richey and the Gulf of Mexico beaches to Land O’ Lakes, Wesley Chapel, Zephyrhills and Dade City, homeowners across Pasco County are switching to solar. Why? The average cost of solar panels in Pasco County is lower than average prices across the United States. Plus, Florida offers some of the best solar incentives in the nation!

Are Solar Panels in Florida Worth It?

The Sunshine State offers a high quality of life, but it can also mean high utility bills on hot summer days. Did you know that the average monthly electricity consumption for Florida residents is nearly 20% greater than the national average? Floridians also have electricity bills that are about 15% higher than the national average(1). For most people, the investment in solar panels pays for itself within 6-8 years. That’s why so many Florida homeowners have decided to seek energy independence by installing solar panels.

Florida residents in Pasco County and the Tampa Bay area are also all too familiar with power outages caused by thunderstorms and hurricanes. When you pair solar panels with a reliable solar backup battery like the Tesla Powerwall, you can feel safer during hurricane season.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Pasco County, FL?

The exact cost of installing solar panels depends on many factors, including the size of your home, your energy usage, and which utility company you use. Once you schedule a free consultation, an ADT Solar Energy Specialist will look at your electric bill with you and create a customized solar panel design for your home. They’ll make sure you meet your energy needs and tell you how much you’ll save with solar panels.

There are many Florida solar incentives that make it easy and affordable to add solar panels to your Pasco County home. Plus, with our great referral program, you can even earn extra cash to pay off your solar panels. Simply refer your friends and neighbors to go solar, too! One of our most active and successful referral app users has made more than $8,000 so far just for telling his friends and family about solar energy!

Let’s explore some of the Florida solar incentives and tax credits that can help you save tens of thousands of dollars when switching to renewable solar energy:

Pasco County Solar Energy Net Metering

In sunny Florida, there will be times that your solar panel system will produce more electricity than your home currently needs. Net metering is a program that allows you to store that excess energy in the electric grid. The utility company will then credit your account for the amount of electricity that they received from your solar panels.

In 2008, the Florida legislature unanimously enacted solar net metering as part of energy reforms designed to reduce Florida’s growing dependency on fossil fuels and reduce health-harming pollution. Florida’s net metering law does not place a cap on the number of homeowners with rooftop solar panels that are eligible to participate(2).

As of 2020, around 60,000 homes and businesses in Florida participate in these programs that credit them for extra energy produced, with Duke Energy and Tampa Electric having the highest rates of use(3). There are four different electric companies in Pasco County and each one has different requirements for net metering:

Utility Company



Duke Energy

The owner must complete and submit all required documentation, including the Interconnection Request Online Application.

Solar panel systems of greater than 20 MW in size may be required to submit additional documentation.

Sumter Electric Cooperative (SECO)

The owner must provide all required documentation and applications prior to interconnection.

The solar panel system may NOT be switched on until the owner receives approval from SECO for interconnection.

Tampa Electric

The owner must submit all required documentation and applications prior to interconnection. Additionally, the solar power system may not be switched on until approval for interconnection has been given.

The customer will receive a credit for all excess energy received at the current retail energy rate.

Withlacoochee River Electric Cooperative (WREC)

The owner must be a member of WREC, and must submit all required documentation and applications prior to interconnection.

Any solar power system over 10 kW in size may be subject to additional inspection to inspect and verify equipment used.

Please note that ADT Solar will work with your utility company directly on your behalf to ensure that all requirements for interconnection are met. These details have been listed here for your information.

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Florida PACE Loans

Homeowners in some parts of Pasco County may qualify for PACE Loans, which can finance 100% of the cost of energy efficiency and renewable energy generation home improvements, including solar panels.

PACE, or Property Assessed Clean Energy Loans, are only available in the unincorporated areas of Pasco County. So if you live in Gulf Harbors, Hudson Beach, St. Joseph or Trilacoochee, this could be an excellent way to get your Florida solar panel system, especially since it covers the total cost of purchase and installation.

However, this loan is repaid through your property tax bill. It is also tied to your home, rather than to you. These are things to consider before getting a PACE loan. But if you plan to stay in your current home, this loan could be just what you need to get solar power in Florida. Be sure to look into all the details before deciding to apply.

Sales Tax Exemption for Solar Panels in Pasco County, Florida

In Pasco County, Florida, the minimum combined sales tax rate is 7%, and on big purchases that can really add up! Fortunately, this is another area where Florida homeowners have an advantage over other parts of the country when it comes to switching to solar.

Solar panels purchased in Pasco County or anywhere in Florida are EXEMPT from sales tax. Originally a temporary tax break, in 2005, the Florida legislature decided to make the solar energy system tax exemption no longer subject to an expiration date(4). The fact that the tax exemption applies to your entire “solar energy system” means that not only are your new solar panels tax exempt, but so is all of the equipment and hardware that goes along with it!

Pasco County, FL Property Tax Exemption

Home values have been rising in Pasco County, and the upwards trend shows no sign of stopping. A report from Zillow found that in October 2020, the typical home value in Pasco County was $205,024. This amount was up 9.8% from the previous year, and home values are expected to rise another 8.4% in 2021(5).

Everyone loves increasing their home’s value, but most folks don’t love the higher property taxes that go with it. Installing a new solar panel system can increase your home’s value by up to 20 times the annual power bill, but in Pasco County you won’t have to worry about it also increasing your property tax. Solar panels in Florida are completely property tax exempt! Any value that your new solar panel system adds to your home will NOT be reflected on your property tax.

Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit

If you’ve been thinking about going solar, you may have heard of the Federal Solar Tax Credit. This popular program has been extended for homeowners through 2022.

When you purchase a solar photovoltaic (PV) system, the United States federal government subsidizes the cost of your purchase and installation by offering a generous deduct from your federal taxes. This tax credit is 30%, but it drops to 26% in 2033 and, to 22% in 2034.

Can My HOA Deny Solar Panels in Pasco County, Florida?

Families are flocking to communities across Pasco County. With great school districts and plenty of opportunities for outdoor fun like the Epperson Lagoon in Wesley Chapel, it’s no wonder why! However, with so many new neighborhoods popping up around Wesley Chapel, Land O’ Lakes, Odessa and Trinity, we’ve found that many Pasco County residents are worried about if their homeowners association can restrict or deny them from installing solar panels.

Lucky for you, the state of Florida has once again created legislation that helps homeowners switch to solar. The Florida Solar Rights Law makes it illegal for your homeowners association (HOA) to prevent you from getting solar energy.

Wherever you live in Pasco County, your homeowner association cannot prevent you from installing solar panels on your roof. However, they may require that you get approval first, and they may establish some reasonable guidelines for solar installations. ADT Solar will work with your HOA to come up with the best solar panel system for you, and them.

How Long Do Solar Panels Last in Florida?

These days, most solar panels are guaranteed to last for 25-30 years. But many solar panels are known to last even longer! In fact, some homes that had older solar panels installed in the 1970s and 1980s are still producing electricity, perhaps just not quite as much as they used to.

Here at ADT Solar, we understand that solar panels are a big investment and something that you’ll be using for decades to come. That’s why we take the guesswork out of the equation, only using high-quality solar materials from brands you can trust. We pair these long lasting solar panels with Enphase microinverters and a Tesla Powerwall solar battery storage system to ensure the best quality solar power system for your home.

Each solar installation performed by ADT Solar also comes with the following:

If you’re wondering about the ability of your solar panel system to withstand harsh weather conditions like hurricanes, there’s no need to worry! Solar panels are created and tested to ensure they can withstand hurricane conditions. Most solar panels are made to survive winds up to 2,400 pascals which equals 140 miles per hour.

Will Solar Panels Damage My Roof?

When installed properly, solar panels will NOT damage your roof. Our experts will determine if your roof is in good condition. If you know that you may need a new roof or roof repairs, you should complete the repair or install the new roof before the solar panels.

ADT Solar provides roofing needs through our sister company, Buildpro, and we can bundle the roofing costs into your solar energy system cost. Did you know that before providing solar solutions, ADT Solar was originally founded as a construction company in 2005? Our roofing company, Buildpro, installs quality, affordable roofing, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with multiple contractors.

Who is the Best Solar Company in Florida?

There are many solar installation companies out there who claim to offer nothing but the best, but only one company delivers.

ADT Solar has been providing exceptional customer service for more than a decade to its customers, as our testimonials will tell you.

Your solar panels will be working for decades to come, and so will we. In 2020, we were ranked as one of the top 5 residential solar installers in the United States by Solar Power World. But don’t take our word for it… Check out what our customers are saying: