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ADT Solar and Enphase Energy

ADT Solar and Enphase Home Energy Solutions combine solar, storage, and production and consumption tracking software: a comprehensive solar energy system designed to maximize your home energy savings.

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Enphase Micro Inverters

Get More Reliability and Output from Your Micro Inverters

Enphase is obsessive with quality (another reason they’re a good partner for ADT Solar), which means they make more reliable micro inverter products that are recognized globally for quality.

Enphase Microinverter Assembly

An Enphase micro inverter is installed beneath each panel in the space between the solar panel and your roof. Because each solar panel has its own micro inverter, your system will be able to use as much energy as each panel is able to produce. There’s no single point of failure in a micro inverter system, which means that every panel experiences maximum output.

Another reason ADT Solar partners with Enphase is because their products line up with the highest warranties in the industry. They go through the most rigorous testing in the industry. While they’re installed on your roof, the solar panel micro inverters from Enphase are safer than other inverters by keeping high-voltage DC off your roof.

In an ADT Solar installation, you’ll find the Enphase IQ8 Micro Inverter transmitting the power from your panels straight to your home’s electric breaker box. Simple to install and smart-grid ready, the Enphase IQ8 Micro Inverter is the product of choice for ADT Solar installations.

Not only are they some of the world’s most technologically advanced inverters but they also withstand tremendous heat without any issues and enjoy the same lifespan as your panels.

The Enphase IQ8 Micro Inverter Specs
  • Seamless switching on or off grid.IQ8, our most powerful software-defined microinverter ever, is powered by a proprietary, intelligent chip, that makes switching between on or off grid virtually seamless.
  • Sunlight Backup— an industry first.With IQ8, power essential appliances—lights, fans, and phones— during daytime outages, even without a home battery.
  • More power to your home.In an outage, other energy systems limit the amount of energy you can produce based on battery capacity. With IQ8, produce as much solar energy as you can make, regardless of battery size, maximizing your investment in solar.
  • Future proof your investment.With IQ8 at the core, Enphase Energy Systems are flexible and scalable. Start with an IQ8 solar-only system and add Enphase batteries and an IQ Load Controller as energy needs grow for resiliency.
  • More power per square foot. Our highest-output microinverters ever, IQ8 packs more power into less space than other rooftop solar systems.
  • Industry-leading warranty. IQ8 microinverters are backed by an industry-leading 25-year limited warranty.

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Enphase Battery Storage

Get a Battery That Relieves Your Energy Bill

Save while the grid is up. Stay powered up when the grid goes down. It’s as simple as that. Enphase Energy offers powerful backup battery products that store your excess solar energy for later use.

The beauty of the Enphase battery storage system is the variety of storage amounts available. Unlike competitor batteries, you have the option to increase your storage capacity in smaller increments rather than being forced to install only massive kilowatt hours of storage at a time.

Introducing: Enphase Solar Backup Battery Ensemble™ Technology

Encharge 10™ storage system

The Encharge 10™ all-in-one AC-coupled storage system, is composed of three base Encharge 3™ storage units, provides a total usable energy capacity of 10.1kWh and twelve embedded grid-forming micro inverters. Connect multiple Encharge 10 storage systems to maximize backup potential for whole home backup.

Encharge 3™ storage system

The Encharge 3™ all-in-one AC-coupled storage system provides a total usable energy capacity of 3.4kWh and four embedded grid-forming micro inverters. It provides great flexibility in starting small and adding incremental capacity.

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ADT Solar and Enphase have a shared interest in maximizing savings for homeowners with highly efficient solar systems. That means we integrate products into your system that get as close to your needs as possible.

Enphase Battery Storage Products offer:
  • Lower upfront costs: More affordable than other storage options.
  • Higher performance: 96% round-trip efficiency.
  • Greater reliability: Minimum 10-year expected life and no single point of failure.
  • Safer: Safety certified by TUV Rheinland and there no high-voltage DC in system.

With an ADT Solar panel installation producing power, your battery system from Enphase will store your excess power to give you true energy independence.

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Online Monitoring App

Monitor Your Production and Usage with the Enphase App

Whenever ADT Solar installs a home solar system, we also install the Enphase Envoy networking hub to connect your solar panel installation to the Enphase monitoring.

Enphase MyEnlighten Online Monitoring

The Enphase app lets you track your solar panel production and consumption in real-time. Accessible from your phone, tablet, computer or any internet-connected device, you’ll get insights into nearly every function and performance statistic of your solar system.

Complete with detailed views, graphs and reports, Enphase app is a groundbreaking solar monitoring tool that gives you total insight into per-panel production data and historical storage data — all within a single click.

The Enphase app offers the following features:

  • System Status Indicator shows any problems and provides troubleshooting tips.
  • Verify today’s performance at-a-glance
  • View historical production data by days, months or hours
  • View historical weather data to understand variations in performance
  • Share your daily energy production on social media via integrated buttons

If you already have an Enphase app account, you can login here.

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About Enphase Energy

A Leader in Renewable Energy Technology

With Enphase component technology in your ADT Solar installation, you’ll experience a more efficient, resilient and intuitive solar system. Enphase Energy started in 2006 when founders Martin Fornage and Raghu Belur set out to create higher quality, better producing micro inverters for solar panel installations.

Well-known as the first company to successfully commercialize micro inverters, they’ve been a leader in the solar industry providing excellent micro inverters, storage batteries, monitoring software and related accessories from Europe all the way to Australia. Enphase combines high quality, long lasting products with reasonable prices, which makes them a preferred partner for solar companies like us.


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All-in-One Solar, Storage and Software

When you go solar with ADT Solar, you know that you’re getting equipment that leads the industry in quality and capability. That’s why we work with partners like Enphase whose products are designed to improve each and every homeowner’s solar system.

Schedule a free consultation with an ADT Solar Specialist to show you how much a home solar system with Enphase technology can save you in electricity bills.

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