It’s here folks, everything you needed to know about going solar. We’ve done all the research, all the leg work for you and compiled it all into this easy-to-read ebook: Going Solar 101.

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To summarize, you’ll discover all of our research and advice on how and why to go solar, including:

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Top 10 Reasons to Go Solar

You might have come across some of the obvious reasons to switch to solar energy, but what about the not so typical? Have you considered its positive effect on your property value?

An example of one of our top 10 reasons to go solar:

#7. Increase the value of your home.
According to data from Zillow, adding solar to your home can increase the value, depending on where you live (check your local area information). While it varies from property to property, many homeowners have found that adding a solar panel system helped increase their home’s asking price.

Everything You Need To Know Before Going Solar

Wondering what it takes to go solar?

Browse through the “everything you need to know before going solar” section of our Ebook. We help paint the picture of what to expect during a solar installation. Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • Top things to know before going solar.
  • Going solar timeline, from contract signing to final documents and turn on date!
  • What to expect at a solar installation.
  • And more!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Solar: Answered!

We get a lot of questions about solar panel installations. We’ve truly heard it all. In this Solar 101 Ebook, we’ll take some of the most frequently asked questions and answer them for you! Some of the questions you can expect answers to include:

Here’s a sneak peak:

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