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Category: Solar Facts

workers setting up solar panels 
Solar Facts
Keyoka Kinzy
7 Stellar Solar Inventions Worth Checking Out

The technology industry is always buzzing with new solar inventions. In fact, cool and forever-evolving solar technology is one of the reasons many homeowners are attracted to solar panels. And we can’t blame them! Solar monitoring can provide pretty cool insights into how much energy your home generates and consumes when you choose to receive…

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what could we power
Tara Grant
What Could Our Customers’ Roofs Power? You’ll be Shocked

Over the years, Sunpro (now ADT Solar) has grown so much we decided to figure out exactly how much that is. In terms we can all understand. Which is why decided to break it down for you in this blog about… entertainment. First of all, here’s a little background on us. Growing, growing, growing… ADT…

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